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Alumni Student Travel Award Program



The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has an Alumni Student Travel Award Program to partially fund graduate student presentations at national and international conferences.Funds are available to support the expenses of graduate students who present their research at national and international professional meetings.


Support for the Program is made possible through the contributions of alumni and friends to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Annual Fund.In each academic year, a total of $5,000 is typically available.


A maximum of $300 per award will be provided; not more than one award will be given to any student in one year.


An Alumni Student Travel Award should supplement funds provided from other sources, e.g., funds from a faculty advisor or departmental program.


Requests for support from the Program should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the Graduate School at least 30 days prior to travel arrangements being made and should be accompanied by an abstract of the paper to be presented, an estimated budget, and a supporting letter from the studentís advisor.


A brief report detailing the benefits received from the travel should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School within one month of the studentís return.


All travel that includes funds from the Program is to be processed through the Graduate School.Send your request and supporting letter from your faculty advisor to:


Debbie Deheck, Assistant to the Dean

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Reynolda Campus


If you have further questions, Debbie Deheck can be reached at:

Phone:††††††††††††† 758-5301




 Download Sample Letter from Student to Dean (Word document)