Department of Physics

PHY 215, Elementary Modern Physics, MWF 11, Olin 103

Dr. William C. Kerr

Fall 2006

Substitute Teachers

Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Room 208, Tuesdays Thursdays 9 to 11

Handout for Chapter 4, Handout for Chapter 5

Keith Bonin, Room 310, Tuesdays 9-11,Thursdays 1-3

Greg Cook



Warmup quiz

Course Materials

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Interesting Recent Developments in Physics

Tutorials for PHY 215 will be held on Sun, Tue, and Thurs between 7:30 - 8:30 pm in Olin 103.

Advising for Spring 2007 courses takes place between Oct 17-Oct 27. In planning your spring schedule, please remember that PHY 310, Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology, will be taught. It is taught on a 3-year rotation, so for most of you this will be your only chance to take it. It satisfies the requirements for a 300-level elective course for both BA and BS physics majors. PHY 215 is a pre-requisite.