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Info for First-Year Advisors & Students


    Students interested in taking physics as a divisional requirement can take PHY 109 (Astronomy), 110 (Introductory Physics), 115 (Physics of Music), or 120 (Physics & Chemistry of the Environment), all of which have no calculus prerequisite. These courses do not count toward the major.

    Potential physics majors should take PHY 113 (General Physics I). If they have credit for either PHY 111 or 113 they should take PHY 114 (General Physics II). If they have credit for both 113 and 114, they should take PHY 215 (Modern Physics). The co-requisite math courses for PHY 113 and 114 are MTH 111 or 112. A prerequisite for PHY 215 is MTH 111 (first-semester Calculus). For more information see

    Students interested in the BS in biophysics should be advised to take PHY 113 and 114, MTH 111 and/or 112, and CHM 111 during their first year. Note that CHM 111/111L is only offered in the fall (and in Summer I). For more information see

    Students interested in majoring in physics in a pre-health profession track should take PHY 113, 114, and MTH 111, 112 their first year. For more information see


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Table Summary of Credit for College-Level Achievement Tests Test  AP Score Needed  WFU Credit Hours  Course Credited on Transcript  Course to Register for at WFU

AP Physics B  4 or 5  4  PHY 111  PHY 114

AP Physics C

Mechanics  4 or 5  4  PHY 113  PHY 114

AP Physics C

Electricity & Magnetism  4 or 5  4  PHY 114  PHY 113 or 215*

International Baccalaureate

(High Level only)  6 or 7  4  PHY 111  PHY 114

British A-levels  B or higher  4  PHY 111  PHY 114


*If the student has credit for both PHY 111/113 AND 114, then they should register for PHY 215.


For more information about any of these options, or about the Physics Department in general, please contact the department chair, Keith Bonin (, x4962).



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