Graduate Application and FAQs



To apply for study in physics, visit the address:


This website explains the application and provides other info on admissions:


To apply you must


    fill out an online application

    pay the application fee of $75

    have three letters of reference sent

    have an official transcript sent

    have an official report on your general GRE results sent

    have an official report on your TOEFL results sent (only if you are an international student)




1. How do I apply for financial aid?


    All applicants are automatically considered for financial aid.


2. What is the application deadline?


    January 15th for the Fall semester;

    November 1st for the Spring semester.


3. What is the minimum GPA or GRE score for admission?


    There is no minimum GPA or GRE score.

    The general GRE test is required.

    The subject GRE test is not required, but recommended.


4. What is the minimum required TOEFL score?


    The graduate school requires a minimum score of:


    Computer-based TOEFL - 217


    International-Based Total (IBT) - 79


    International English Language Testing System(IELTS) - 6.5


5. Here are my scores on test and my GPA, am I likely to be admitted?


    We are not allowed to render opinions of the likelihood of admission before a student applies. The decision to admit a student is made by the Graduate Committee of the Physics Department. Many criteria go into the decision process such as intended area of study, background and experience of the applicant, performance on the General GRE, letters of recommendation, and the strength of the applicant's transcript.


6. When will I hear about my application?


    Fall application decisions are generally sent out at the end of February.


7. Where do I mail my application?


    Dean of the Graduate School

    Wake Forest University

    1834 Wake Forest Road

    Room 5, Reynolda Hall

    PO Box 7487 Reynolda Station

    Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7487






100 Olin Physical Laboratory, Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7507. Phone: (336) 758-5337, E-mail: