Policies and manuals

Lab Safety and Compliance


All undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff are required to complete Lab Safety Training before beginning work in a research laboratory. The primary component to this can be satisfied by watching the appropriate lab safety compliance video below. You are also required to read the appropriate Chemical Hygiene Plan & Safety Manual below. University faculty, staff & students who generate or handle hazardous waste are required to complete Hazardous Waste training and fill out the certificate of completion. If you will be working with biohazard materials, blood or needles, then you are also required to watch the Blood Borne Pathogen Training video and complete the quiz by following the links below.


    Physics Lab Safety Training

    Hazardous Waste Training

        Certification of Completion

    Blood Borne Pathogen Training

        Blood Borne Pathogen Training Quiz




    Chemical Hygiene Plan & Safety Manual (pdf)




    Biohazard Waste Management Plan (pdf)

    Biohazard Waste Disposal Chart (pdf)

    Biohazard Wall Chart for Liquids

    Biohazard Wall Chart for Sharps


Department Procedures


    Disposal of Broken Glass

    Laser Safety Manual

    Machine Shop Safety Requirements


Chemical Inventory


    Online Chemical Inventory Database

    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): SIRI Online Database

    Interpreting Chemical Hazard HMIS Ratings

    Bowman Gray Chemical Hazards Doc (.doc)


Tenure and Promotion Policies


Tenure Policy


Materials to be included in the Tenure and Promotion Dossier (.doc)


Promotion to Full Professor


Promotion from Assistant to Associate Teaching Professor


Promotion from Associate to Full Teaching Professor


Peer Teaching Evaluation Rubric

Evaluation of the chair

Graduate Students


Graduate Students Unsatisfactory Progress Guidelines (Requires WFU login)


Graduate Student Travel Fund Requests

New Faculty and Staff Reference Manual (pdf)




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