WFU Physics in the News




    Jul 2015: Graduate Student Lauren Nelson Selected for NIH Predoctoral Fellowship

    Jun 2015: Wenxiao Huang wins BASF Science Competition

    May 2015: Breakthrough in solar cell material characterization

    Mar 2015: Senior Abdul Obaid awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarship

    Mar 2015: Senior Derek Fogel wins Best Presentation Award at APS March Meeting

    Jan 2015: Prof Matthews' Studio Course Featured by Wake Forest News

    Jan 2015: Prof Carroll receives Innovation Award




    Nov 2014: Hands on with hydrogen

    Oct 2014: Prof. Cho's Review Article Commemorating 2013 Nobel Prize Written with Undergrads Highlighted in News

    Jun 2014: Andrea Belanger Awarded Poster Prize

    Jun 2014: Ryan Godwin Awarded Predoctoral Fellowship

    Apr 2014: Prof. Carroll awarded the Scott Family Faculty Fellowship

    Apr 2014: Prof. Cho awarded the Shively Family Faculty Fellowship

    Mar 2014: Prof. Carroll named APS Fellow

    Mar 2014: Protein research led by Prof. Cho featured in news

    Feb 2014: Prof. Thonhauser receives Award for Excellence in Research




    Dec 2013: Peter Diemer and Prof. Jurchescu receive Wake Forest Innovation Award

    Dec 2013: Article by Corey Hewitt and Prof. Carroll featured on the cover of Synthetic Metals

    Oct 2013: WFU organic electronics research highlighted in Nature

    Sep 2013: Graduate Student Andrea Belanger Selected for Technology Transfer Internship

    Jul 2013: Thonhauser group receives funding to investigate MOFs for carbon capture and catalysis

    Apr 2013: Grad Student Matthew Walb Wins First Place Poster at SEAAMP

    Apr 2013: Kristine Cantin Receives G. W. Greene Scholarship

    Apr 2013: Amanda Smelser Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    Apr 2013: Dr. Canepa's scientific artwork selected for PRB frontpage

    Apr 2013: Grad Student Katelyn Goetz awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    Mar 2013: Joel Grim Invited to Speak at International Conference

    Mar 2013: Article by Williams Group Selected as Phys. Rev. B Editors' Suggestion

    Mar 2013: Research Focuses on Beet Juice After Stroke

    Feb 2013: Prof. Oana Jurchescu Awarded Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching

    Feb 2013: Physics Alumni Dr. Yuan Li's Ph.D Thesis Highlighted in Nature Photonics

    Jan 2013: Prof. Oana Jurchescu wins the National Science Foundation CAREER Award

    Jan 2013: Prof. Thonhauser Recognized in International News




    Dec 2012: Dr. Canepa's research highlighted in PRL

    Nov 2012: Carroll Group's FIPEL Lighting Featured in Media

    Nov 2012: Article co-authored by Prof Salsbury featured on cover of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

    Nov 2012: Chen Liu Wins Young Investigator Award

    Nov 2012: Physics Alumni Dr. Yuan Li ('12) Wins Environmental Research Award

    Oct 2012: Physics Team to Lead Search for Drug Discovery

    Oct 2012: Article by Prof. Jurchescu and grad student Jeremy Ward featured on the cover of Advanced Materials

    Oct 2012: Wake Forest to Host Stuttgart NanoDays Conference

    Sep 2012: Workshop for Middle School Teachers Organized by Prof. Cho is Featured in Media

    Sep 2012: Article in WS Journal on Tech Expo Features Beet-Root Juice

    Aug 2012: Article by Lacra Negureanu of the Salsbury Group Selected for Inaugural Contribution to Proteopedia

    Aug 2012: Prof. Thonhauser receives NSF CAREER award

    Aug 2012: Carroll Group's Power Felt Featured on CNN International

    Aug 2012: Prof. Cho Organizes the Wake@Hanes Computational Thinking Workshop for Middle School Teachers

    Jun 2012: Qi Li Wins Young Researcher Award at ICDIM 2012

    Jun 2012: Prof. Jurchescu Publishes a Book Chapter

    Jun 2012: Electronic Structure Conference at WFU

    Jun 2012: Graham Lopez Selected for Prestigious ORNL Fellowship

    Jun 2012: Power Felt Research by Carroll Group at the Nanotech Center Featured in Media

    Apr 2012: Graduate Student Katelyn Goetz Awarded NSF Fellowship

    Apr 2012: Prof. Jurchescu awarded WFU Faculty Endowment Fund Fellowship

    Apr 2012: Nick Lepley and Greg Smith Awarded Venture Seed Grant for 3d Printing

    Apr 2012: Two Physics Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

    Mar 2012: Physics Graduate Students Awarded Best Analytical Posters

    Mar 2012: Physics Undergraduate Soham Banerjee Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

    Mar 2012: Article Written by the Salsbury Research Group Selected for Journal Cover

    Mar 2012: Nanotech Center Develops Power Felt

    Mar 2012: Physics Undergraduate Kristen Binz Wins APS Presentation Award

    Feb 2012: Cho Research Group Highlighted in the Media

    Jan 2012: Grad Student Jeremy Ward Wins Best Presentation at ISDRS

    Jan 2012: Paper by Prof. Cho Highlighted in JACS




    Dec 2011: Physics Undergraduates Win Bronze Medal in International University Physics Competition

    Dec 2011: Dr. Carroll and the Nanotech Center are trying to develop a feasible solar collector for third world countries

    Nov 2011: Brandon Turner, senior biophysics major, wins Rhodes Scholarship

    Nov 2011: Physics Team is working toward understanding cancer

    Nov 2011: Prof. Carlson Interviewed by Press About the Public's Fascination with Numbers

    Sep 2011: Physics Department Announces the New Randall D. Ledford Scholarship II

    Sep 2011: Thonhauser group receives funding to investigate MOFs for hydrogen storage and gas separation

    Aug 2011: Published work advances flexible electronics at WFU Nanotech Center

    Aug 2011: Wake Forest University Selected as NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Center

    Aug 2011: Claire McLellan wins National Society of Physics Students Leadership Award

    Aug 2011: Williams Group Awarded Grant to Further Radiation Detector Research

    Jul 2011: Graduate Student Andrea Belanger Selected for NIH Predoctoral Fellowship

    Jul 2011: Kim-Shapiro lab helps discover why stored blood deteriorates

    Jul 2011: Dr. Thonhauser interviewed by ScienceWatch, Thomson Reuters for most-cited paper

    Jun 2011: Dr. Guthold named a Wake Forest Faculty Fellow for 2011-2013

    Apr 2011: Dr. Thonhauser named a Ranlet and Frank Bell Jr. Fellow for 2011-2013

    Apr 2011: Ivan Azarov named 2011 Gordon A. Melson Outstanding Doctoral Student

    Apr 2011: Prof. Jed Macosko and colleagues awarded grant to develop interactive e-textbook, BioBook

    Apr 2011: Undergraduate Student Claire McLellan wins Goldwater Scholarship

    Feb 2011: Graduate Student Joel Grim Wins Award

    Feb 2011: Article by the Williams Research Group Selected for Journal Cover

    Feb 2011: Associate Prof. Fred Salsbury wins the Award for Excellence in Research

    Jan 2011: Prof. Thonhauser selected as 2011 - 2013 KITP Scholar




    Nov 2010: WFU Team Wins Silver in University Physics Competition

    Oct 2010: Physics Undergraduates Present Research at International Conference

    Jul 2010: Physics Team works on Drug Development

    Jun 2010: Prof. Jurchescu receives the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

    May 2010: Graduate Student Jason Bates Awarded Best Student Talk at Eastern Gravity Meeting

    May 2010: Prof. Macosko's CellCraft Game to be Featured at the White House

    May 2010: Physics Undergraduate Brandon Turner Awarded APS Minority Fellowship

    Apr 2010: WFU Undergraduate Physics Majors Present Research Results at SPS Meeting

    Apr 2010: Wake Forest receives patent for new fiber solar cells developed by Prof. Carroll's group at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials

    Jan 2010: Prof. Jed Macosko helps create "Cell Side Story", an animated film by students at Atkins High School.




    Dec 2009: Prof Jed Macosko and two WFU graduates are developing "CellCraft" game.

    Dec 2009: Professor Kim-Shapiro's work cited in Wall Street Journal Article

    Oct 2009: Professor Kim-Shapiro Awarded Grant to Study Blood Storage

    Oct 2009: Physics Department Featured in Classroom Response Story

    Aug 2009: Graduate student Leo Ding's work featured on AIP web site

    July 2009: Prof. Carroll to appear on History Channel program

    July 2009: Welcome to Dr. Oana Jurchescu, new Assistant Professor

    May 2009: Eric Peterson awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    May 2009: Prof. Macosko, Yuri Shtridelman, and a WFU alum win MacArthur Award

    May 2009: Prof. Thonhauser receives the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

    May 2009: Prof. Macosko presented with the first Hobbs Award for Faculty Entrepreneurial Achievement

    Apr 2009: Graduating Physics major Patrick Nelli wins US News All Academic Team Award

    Mar 2009: Venture Directed by Prof. Macosko Funded by NC Grant

    Mar 2009: Prof. Martin Guthold is awarded the University's 2009 Award for Excellence in Research

    Feb 2009: Prof. Kim-Shapiro named Harbert Family Distinguished Chair




    Dec 2008: Reynolds Professor Fetrow named Dean of the College

    Oct 2008: Nanoscopic screening process to speed drug discovery

    Oct 2008: Research at the Nanotechnology Center has big potential

    Sep 2008: Prof. Carlson explains the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider on WXII 12 News

    Sep 2008: Professor Kim-Shapiro to be first recipient of the new Harbert Family Distinguished Chair

    July 2008: Welcome to Dr. Timo Thonhauser, new Assistant Professor

    July 2008: Prof. Carroll in TV interview July 6

    May 2008: Christine Carlisle wins prestigious American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship

    Apr. 2008: Rick Matthews Appointed WFU Associate Provost, Information Systems

    Mar. 2008: WFU Physicists Present Research at APS Meeting

    Feb. 2008: Prof. Carroll discusses nanotechnology on PBS

    Jan. 2008: Prof. Carroll featured in The Business Journal




    Nov. 2007: Prof. Carroll featured speaker at the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce

    Nov., 2007: WFU researchers discover new hemoglobin function

    Sep., 2007: Prof. Fetrow selected for NIH Center for Scientific Review study section

    July, 2007: WFU Launches Two Nanotechnology Startup Companies

    April, 2007: Prof. Jed Macosko Wins Teaching Award for Entrepreneurship Class

    April, 2007: Kim-Shapiro Wins Prestigious NIH Merit Award

    April, 2007: Martin Guthold Promoted to Associate Professor.

    Mar., 2007: Physics Major Patrick Nelli is awarded a scholarship by the Barry M. Goldwater Foundation




    Sept., 2006: Blood clot research by Guthold and colleagues published in Science

    June, 2006: Daniel Kim-Shapiro interviewed on WFDD Voices and Viewpoints

    June, 2006: 7th International Conference on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter

    March, 2006: Fetrow and John win Teaching Innovation Award

    February, 2006: Greg Cook wins Excellence in Research Award




    November, 2005: Breakthrough in organic photovoltaics

    November, 2005: Letter to Wall Street Journal regarding Intelligent Design article

    October, 2005: Project Pumpkin Mad Scientists

    April, 2005: WFU welcomes 8th Eastern Gravity Conference

    March, 2005: Greg Cook Awarded Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

    February, 2005: Martin Guthold wins Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching





    September, 2004: Carroll Co-organizer of MRS Nanotube Symposium

    August, 2004: Cable elected PIRA VP

    July, 2004: Ben Harrison wins ACS Fellowship

    February, 2004: One-Dimensional Metals -- new book by Dave Carroll




    November, 2003: New York Times Cites Department Research

    October, 2003: Mad scientists help host Project Pumpkin

    March, 2003: Students and faculty present papers at national meetings




    April, 2002: Physics Awards and Honors: Sigma Pi Sigma, Speas, Outstanding TA.

    April, 2002: John Wilkinson and Gang Xiong win Richter Awards.

    March, 2002: Faculty and Students attend APS March Meeting in Indianapolis.

    February, 2002: WFU physicists attend Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco.

    February, 2002: Daniel Kim-Shapiro wins Excellence in Research award.


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