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WFU Physics Colloquium Schedule -- Spring 1997

All seminars will be held at 4 PM in Room 101 of Olin Physical Laboratory (unless noted otherwise); there will be refreshments at 3:30 PM in the lobby prior to each seminar.
Thurs. Jan. 16, 1997 , "Welcoming ''Tea''

Thurs. Jan. 23, 1997, Professor Robert Brehme, WFU -- "Quantum Mechanics and Classical Trajectories" (Professor Sidney Coleman, previously scheduled on this date had to cancel due to illness in his family. We will try to reschedule his visit for a later time.)

Thurs. Jan. 30, 1997, Professor Peter Sheldon, Davidson -- "Helium Superfluidity and Other Oddities (Part II)."

Thurs. Feb. 6, 1997, Dr. Andy Dezarn, BGSM -- "Studying the Spin-Dependent Nuclear Force through Measurements of Spin Correlation Coefficients".

Thurs. Feb. 13, 1997, Dr. Emil Briggs, NCSU -- "Electronic Structure Calculations using Real Space Multigrid Methods".

Thurs. Feb. 20, 1997

Thurs. Feb. 27, 1997, Professor Fred Fahey, BGSM -- "Positron Emission Tomography: Viewing The Secrets of the Brain".

Thurs. Mar. 6, 1997

Thurs. Mar. 13, 1997 -- No seminar (spring break)

Thurs. Mar. 20, 1997 -- No seminar (March APS meeting)

Thurs. Mar. 27, 1997 (Good Friday 3/28/97)

Thurs. Apr. 3, 1997, Dr. Mary Young, Hughes Research Laboratories -- "Current Topics in Industrial Research and Development".

Thurs. Apr. 10, 1997 , Eben Thoma, WFU -- "Sub-pico-second absorption spectroscopy of halide crystals".

Thurs. Apr. 17 1997, Professor Craig Bohren, Penn State U -- "Green Thunderstorms". Professor Bohren will also give a public lecture at 8 PM entitled "All that's best of dark and bright".

Thurs. Apr. 24 1997, undergraduate honors presentations and Sigma Pi Sigma Ceremony.

Thurs. May 1, 1997, No seminar, but Physics T-shirts will be available and refreshments will be served in the lobby of Olin at 3:30 PM.

Fri. May 2, 1997, Yueping Zeng, WFU -- thesis defense seminar: "Computer simulations of crystal structures using density functional theory"

Tentative schedule -- please check announcements and abstracts of seminars.
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