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WFU Physics Colloquium Schedule -- Spring 2005

All seminars will be held at 4 PM in Room 101 of Olin Physical Laboratory (unless noted otherwise); there will be refreshments at 3:30 PM in the lobby prior to each seminar.

Thurs. Jan. 13, 2005 Professor Walter Robinson, University of Illinois -- "The fluid dynamics of climatic variations."

Thurs. Jan. 20, 2005 Professor Mark Shattuck, City College of CUNY (WFU alumnus) -- "Granular Fluid Dynamics."

Thurs. Jan. 27, 2005 Dr. Jeffrey Phillips, Electric Power Research Institute -- Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants - A Cleaner Coal-to-Electricity Option

Thurs. Feb. 3, 2005 Professor Eric Carlson, WFU -- Skepticism in the Classroom

Thurs. Feb. 10, 2005 Professor Gleb Finkelstein, Duke U. -- "Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures"

Thurs. Feb. 17, 2005 Professor Richard Williams, WFU -- "Molecular Dynamics and Real-Time Defect Formation in Table Salt"

Thurs. Feb. 24, 2005 Professor Greg Cook, WFU -- Einstein, Black Holes, and Gravitational Waves

Thurs. Mar. 3, 2005 Professors Bruce Sherwood and Ruth Chabay, NCSU -- Fundamental Principles in Introductory Physics

Thurs. Mar. 10, 2005 No seminar (spring break)

Thurs. Mar. 17, 2005 Professor Clifford Will, Washington U. -- St. Louis -- The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment Professor Will will also be giving a public talk entitled "Was Einstein Right?" at 8 PM in Pugh Auditorium.

Thurs. Mar. 24, 2005 March APS meeting

Thurs. Mar. 31, 2005 Professor Barry Lentz, UNC -- Fusion: Protein Machines and Lipid Materials

Thurs. Apr. 7, 2005 Professor Victor Breedveld, Georgia Tech -- Studying microstructural dynamics of complex fluids with particle tracking microrheology

Thurs. Apr. 14, 2005 Professor Steven Schwartz, Albert Einstein College of Medicine -- Quantum Dynamics and Chemical Reactions in Enzymes - A Really Complex Condensed Phase or a Quantum Machine

Thurs. Apr. 21, 2005 Professor Laura Mersini, UNC -- "The emerging picture of the universe from precision cosmology"

Tues. Apr. 26, 2005 Yong Qiu, WFU -- Ph. D. thesis presentation -- "Subpicosecond absorption study of an electron polaron and its formation time in KNbO3 and LiNbO3" Presentation will begin at 1:30 PM ; defense will follow.

Thurs. Apr. 28, 2005 ΣΠ&Sigma ceremony and honors presentations.

Mon. June 13, 2005 Yaojun Du, Ohio State -- " From point defects to the extended structure in Si "

Tue. July 26, 2005 Anne Jetters, WFU -- Master's Thesis presentation -- "Activation of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase by Nitrite" Presentation will begin at 11 AM ; defense will follow.

Tentative schedule -- please check announcements and abstracts of seminars.
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