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WFU Physics Colloquium Schedule -- Spring 2009

Previous and future colloquia

All seminars will be held at 4 PM in Room 101 of Olin Physical Laboratory (unless noted otherwise); there will be refreshments at 3:30 PM in the lobby prior to each seminar.

Thurs. Jan. 15, 2009 -- Welcoming "tea" followed by brief announcements in Olin 101.

Thurs. Jan. 22, 2009 Professor P. Craig Taylor, CSM -- Nano-Structured Silicon Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications (host: R. Williams)

Mon. Jan. 26, 2009 Dr. Oana Jurchescu, NIST -- Building solid scientific foundations for future plastic electronics

Thurs. Jan. 29, 2009 Dr. Jianmin Tao, LANL -- Density Functionals That Work and Time-Dependent Extensions

Mon. Feb. 2, 2009 Dr. Zhenrong Zhang, PNNL -- Defect and adsorbate dynamics on Ti2O (110)

Thurs. Feb. 5, 2009 Dr. Thomas W. Clinton, Seagate -- A little bit is a big achievement: overcoming barriers in nano-scale magnetic recording

Mon. Feb. 9, 2009 Professor Christian Ratsch, UCLA -- Multiscale Modeling in Computational Condensed Matter Physics: From Small Atomic Clusters to Semiconductor Wafers

Thurs. Feb. 12, 2009 Professor Jack Dongarra, U. Tenn -- Current Trends in Parallel Numerical Computing and Challenges for the Future -- part of Workshop on High Performance Computing sponsored by WFU Office of the Provost and Department of Computer Science

Thurs. Feb. 19, 2009 Professor Joshua Socolar, Duke U. -- Nonlinear Dynamics on Complex Networks (host: F. Salsbury)

Thurs. Feb. 26, 2009 (Founder's Day Convocation)

Thurs. Mar. 5, 2009

Thurs. Mar. 13, 2009 (Spring Break)

Thurs. Mar. 19, 2009 Professor Joshua Frieman, Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics, U. Chicago -- The Accelerating Universe: a Decade On (host: Keith Bonin)

Thurs. Mar. 26, 2009 Professor Carmen Molina-Paris, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, U. Leeds -- Stochastic modelling of T cell receptor diversity maintenance (host: P. Anderson)

Thurs. Apr. 2, 2009 Professor Qian Niu, U. Texas at Austin -- Berry Phase Effects on Electronic Properties (host: W. C. Kerr)

Sun. Apr. 5, 2009 Dr. John L. Callas, Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- The Mars Exploration Rovers: The Great Exploration of Mars Keeps Going -- 7 PM in Olin 101

Thurs. Apr. 9, 2009 (Good Friday Holiday 4/10/09)

Thurs. Apr. 16, 2009 Professor D. Mark Riffe, Utah State U. and WFU alum -- Evidence for New Mesoscale Physics at Bimetallic Interfaces (host: W. C. Kerr)

Thurs. Apr. 23, 2009 ΣΠ&Sigma and awards ceremonies; Honors Thesis presentations

Thurs. Apr. 30, 2009 Professor Jennifer Erway, Dept. of Mathematics, WFU -- Nonlinear Optimization: Making inertia work for you (host: N. Holzwarth)

Tues. May 19, 2009 Professor Doug Barrick, Johns Hopkins U. -- Using repeat proteins to dissect the energy landscape and probe the basis for cooperativity in protein folding (special colloquium sponsored jointly with Physics, Biochemistry, and the Center for Structural Biology; host: J. Fetrow)

Mon. June 29, 2009 William H. Hirsch, Ph. D. Thesis Presentation -- Quantum Effects of the Massless Spin One-Half Field in Static Spherically Symmetric Black Hole and Wormhole Spacetimes (Colloquium will begin at 3 PM)

Tues. June 30, 2009 Jason D. Grigsby, Ph. D. Thesis Presentation -- Analyzing and Improving Initial Data for Binary Black Holes (Colloquium will begin at 3 PM)

Tentative schedule -- please check announcements and abstracts of seminars.

Previous and future colloquia

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