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WFU Physics Colloquium Schedule -- Spring 2014

Previous and future colloquia

All seminars will be held at 4 PM in Room 101 of Olin Physical Laboratory (unless noted otherwise); there will be refreshments at 3:30 PM in the lobby prior to each seminar.

Wed. Jan. 15, 2014 -- Andrea Belanger, WFU -- Technology Transfer in Academia and Beyond

Wed. Jan. 22, 2014 -- Professor Ismaila Dabo, PSU -- "Challenges in computational modeling of materials for energy: Understanding energy conversion and storage" (host: T. Thonhauser) Cancelled due to weather; will be rescheduled

Wed. Jan. 29, 2014 -- Professor Kurt E. Sickafus, U. Tenn -- Layered Atom Patterns and Atomic Ordering in Complex Oxides (host: R. Williams) Cancelled due to weather; will be rescheduled

Wed. Feb. 5, 2014 -- Professor Natalie Stingelin, Imperial College London -- Unravelling electronic processes and phenomena in organic materials through polymer scientists' tools (host: O. Jurchescu)

Wed. Feb. 12, 2014 -- Professor Brad Barlow, High Point University -- "The Coolest Little Hot Stars You've Never Heard Ofi" (host: Andrea Belanger) Colloquium given at 1:15 PM because of weather.

Wed. Feb. 19, 2014 -- Professor Elham Fini, NCA&T -- "Production and Characterization of Bio-based Adhesives for Construction Applications" (host: N. Holzwarth)

Wed. Feb. 26, 2014 -- Professor Jorge Sofo, Penn State U. "Electronic Correlations, Magnetism, Transport, and Gas Detection on Functionalized Graphene" (host: T. Thonhauser)

Wed. Mar. 5, 2014 -- Dr. Joe Louderback, KLA Tencor Predictive maintenance on complex instruments -- (host: Dany Kim-Shapiro)

Wed. Mar. 12, 2014 -- (Spring break)

Wed. Mar. 19, 2014 -- Dr. David Gundlach, NIST Measurements to Advance Emerging Thin Film Semiconductor Devices -- (host: O. Jurchescu)

Wed. Mar. 26, 2014 -- Professor Brent Hoffman, Duke University Measuring Molecular Forces Across Specific Proteins in Living Cells -- (host: G. Holzwarth)

Wed. Apr. 2, 2014 -- Dr. Ashfia Huq, Oak Ridge National Laboratory -- Joint Physics and Chemistry Colloguium -- Neutron Scattering Tools for Materials Research -- (host: N. Holzwarth)

Wed. Apr. 9, 2014 -- Dr. Jennifer Aitken, Duquesne University -- Joint Physics and Chemistry Colloquium -- Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure and Physicochemical Characterization of Multi-Cation Diamond-Like Semiconductors (host: N. Holzwarth, Abdou Lachgar)

Wed. Apr. 16, 2014 -- Professor Brad Conrad, Appalachain State University, " Advances in Organic Electronics" (host: O. Jurchescu)

Wed. Apr. 23, 2014 -- Honors Presentations Part I

Fri. Apr. 25, 2014 -- Ph.D. Defense Presentation -- Jennifer Dorand -- A SR-90 Irradiation Device for the Study of Cutaneous Radiation Injury from a Radiological Incident -- 9 AM in Olin 107.

Wed. Apr. 30, 2014 -- Honors Presentations Part II

Thur. May 1, 2014 -- Ph.D. Defense Presentation -- Qi Li -- Toward a User's Toolkit for Modeling Scintillator Proportionality and Light Yield -- 1 PM in Olin 103.

Tentative schedule -- please check announcements and abstracts of seminars.

Previous and future colloquia

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