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WFU Physics Colloquium

TITLE: Evryscopes: monitoring the entire sky for exciting events

SPEAKER: Professor Nicholas Law,

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC

TIME: Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 4:00 PM

PLACE: Room 101 Olin Physical Laboratory

Refreshments will be served at 3:30 PM in the Olin Lounge. All interested persons are cordially invited to attend.


The Evryscope is a new type of array telescope which monitors the entire accessible sky in each exposure. The system, with 700 MPix covering an 8000-square-degree field of view, is building many-year-length, high-cadence light curves for every accessible object brighter than ∼16th magnitude. Every night, we add 600 million object detections to our databases, including exoplanet transits, microlensing events, nearby extragalactic transients, and a wide range of other short timescale events. I will discuss our science plans, the status of our current Evryscope system (operational in Chile and soon California), and the big-data analysis required to explore the petabyte-scale dataset we plan to collect over the next few years.

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