Dr. Victoria Gee graduated from Wake Forest in 2016 and is now a Medical Physicist working at Nuvance Health in Kingston, New York. In the following interview Professor Jed Macosko discusses with Dr. Gee her career path and Dr. Gee provides valuable advice regarding college, career, and life.

Prof. Macosko: What are you doing now career-wise?
Dr. Gee: I am working as a board-certified Medical Physicist in Radiation Oncology. I am responsible for the safety and quality of radiation therapy treatments, primarily for cancer patients. I think the coolest thing about my job is that every day I get to apply my physics background in a practical way by helping patients and acting as a problem-solver for my team of other medical professionals.

Prof. Macosko: What did you do right out of Wake Forest?
Dr. Gee: After graduating with a degree in Biophysics from Wake Forest in 2016, I got my master’s degree in Medical Physics at the University of Kentucky. I then did my residency at The Ohio State University. After graduating residency in 2020, I entered a great position with Nuvance Health in Kingston, New York, which is where I still am today.

Prof. Macosko: How did Wake Forest Physics help you get where you are today?
Dr. Gee: In the summer before my senior year, I was working in your lab on a project about the mechanics of cancer cells, with Dr. Holzwarth as my advisor. At that time, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do after graduation. One day in the lab Dr. Holzwarth off-handedly said, “Ever heard of medical physics? I think maybe you’d like it.” And my entire career journey pretty much started from that moment on! So really, I have you, Dr. Holzwarth, and Wake Forest Physics to thank for where I am today.

Prof. Macosko: Is there anything you would like to share with prospective or current students?
Dr. Gee: Try not to feel like you should have your whole future figured out by the time you graduate college. The next place you go will be only one small step in a hopefully very long life journey. So, for now take full advantage of all the incredible opportunities Wake Forest provides you and enjoy your time in undergraduate physics.