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Physics Undergraduates 2023-2024


  • Matthew Barnes
  • Josiah Brinson
  • Carson Cajka
  • Olivia Caulfield
  • Joe Cho
  • Kate Choi
  • Benecio Costales
  • Addison Crowell
  • Luke Dieterle
  • Alex Evju
  • Christ Fivecoat
  • Emily Foley
  • Jesse Gao
  • Jared Hershey
  • Lourdes Lopez
  • Jarlem Lopez Morel
  • Sophia Lourduraj
  • Linda Mao
  • Sarah Marmolejos
  • Aidan Norris
  • Amanda Peake
  • Tyler Petscheck
  • Alli Swyt
  • Janey Thompson
  • Emily Wang
  • Jack Wooten
  • Yang Zeng
  • Skye Zhang
  • Yiyi Zhu


  • Parker Adams
  • Shuyu Chen
  • Benicio Costales
  • Michael Duzyk
  • Farrell Fitzpatrick
  • John Gannon
  • Jacobi Gilbert
  • Angel Guajardo
  • Anna Marks
  • Madeline Pollock
  • Josh Reynolds
  • Greg Riley
  • Kaizhen Zhang

Physics Undergraduate Alums

YearNameDegreeHonors Thesis
2024Barnes, MatthewBSUsing Remote Sensing and Machine Learning to Measure Burn Severity and Vegetation Regrowth in Southeastern Pocosins
2024Brinson, JosiahBSK-Space Hyperspectral Imaging System for Measuring Nonlinear Exciton-Polariton Dynamics
2024 Lopez Morel, Jarlem ManielBSRadiation Dosimetry With Organic Field-Effect Transistors
2024Petschek, Tyler JohnBS
2024Zhang, ZiyangBA
2024Cajka, Carson TBS
2024Lourduraj, Sophia MarieBS
2024Caulfield, Olivia GraceBA
2024Crowell, Addison DBA
2024Dieterle, Lucas CaufieldBA
2023Eduardo CastellanosBS
2022Jeremy DallasBS
2022Jash DesaiBSConvolutional Neural Nets and Applications to 3D Imaging
2022Lainey DrakeBS
2022Zhiyu FengBA
2022Alexander MarshallBSGenerating a Three-Dimensional Lattice of Photonic Spheres to Track Fluorescently Labelled Chromatin
2022Michael MoerkBS
2022Rich PopeBS (Bio)The Effects of LDL on the Mechanical Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers
2022Caleb SawyerBSMechanical Properties of Human Mammary Epithelial Cells in Colonies during Mitosis
2022Zach ScofieldBSSymmetric Two-Point Function for a Massive, Minimally Coupled Scalar Field in Two-Dimensional Schwarzschild de-Sitter Spacetime
2022Noah VasconezBA
2022Archi WallisBS
2021Dagim Bantikassegn  BA
2021Macallan BibeauBA
2021Parker CabinessBA
2021Kristen Haynes BA
2021Parker HopkinsBS
2021Noah Meyer BSMaterials Simulation and Method Development with Density Functional Theory
2021Fernando RigalBSEffects of Nitric Oxide and Far-red Light on Thrombosis
2021Kevin WoytowichBA
2021Chuanyang YuBA
2020Robert BradfordBSDevelopment and AC-Circuit Integration of High-Performance Nanoscale Molecular Diodes
2020Joshua CohenBA
2020Mark FarnhamBS
2020David FilstonBSOrganic Radiation Detectors for Medical Applications
2020James LeeBSInvestigating Perovskite/OrganicSemiconductor Heterostructures in Light Detecting Devices
2020Weija LiBA
2020Tucker LoyBS (Bio)
2020Daniel NealonBS
2020Katherine RileyBA
2020James SowaBS
2020Andrew WigginBA
2020Jiqing (Jacqueline) ZhuBS
2019Clark, RaymondB.S.
2019French, Austin B.S. (Bio)
2019Gales, Spencer B.A.
2019Gamer, Martin B.S.
2019LeDuc, CarolineB.A.
2019Link, Robert B.S.
2019Manning, Lawton B.A.
2019Martin, David B.S.
2019McAvoy, Christopher B.A.
2019Ramirez, KevinB.S. (Bio)
2019Sharpe, Jacquelyn B.A.Mechanical Properties of Electrospun 50:50 Fibrinogen:PCL Nanofibers
2019Teander, ColeB.S.Using DFT to Predict the Elastic Moduli of Fourth Generation Metal-Organic Framework Materials
2019Tommervik, LucasB.S.
2019Weissenberger, John B.S.
2019Yan, Sean B.S.Performance and Optimization of Light-Emitting Device Based on CsPbBr3-Cs4PbBr6 Nano-Inclusions
2018Ahmidouch, ManalB.S. (Bio)MD Simulations of (Benz)acridine: rDNA G-Quadruplex Complexes
2018Anand, SajantB.S.Investigating Traps in Organic Field-Effect Transistors through Field-Dependent Mobility
2018Annichiarico, LukeB.S.
2018Barth, Katrina JeanB.S. (Bio)Contact Effects in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
2018Boyajian, NicholasB.S.
2018Chen, ShengchengB.S.
2018Coleman, ChristopherB.S. (Bio)
2018DeCampo, TimothyB.A.
2018Diaz-Silveira, JohnB.S. (Bio)
2018Hurtado, Zoe AnaiseB.S. (Bio)Quantifying 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Content for Breast Cancer Detection using Solid-State Nanopores
2018Jacowleff, RobertB.A.
2018Jennings, Laura ElaineB.S.Effect of Solvent Vapor Annealing on the Performance of Solution Processed Thin Film Transistors
2018Kinney, Mary ThereseB.S. (Bio)Turbidimetry Measurements of Plasma Clots from Healthy Males and Males with Cardiovascular Disease
2018Kirby, BrittanyB.A.
2018Kuczynski, CarolineB.S. (Bio)Investigating the Effects of Posttranscriptional Chemical Modifications in tRNA on Molecular Communication Pathways in Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase: tRNA Arg Complex
2018Levy, PrestonB.S.
2018Low, Josiah Kee-ZacB.S. (Bio)Quantification of Migratory Behavior in Cancerous and Noncancerous Human Mammary Cells
2018Medford, AmyB.A.
2018Ostrowski, David AnthonyB.S.Effects of Nitrite and Hydroxyurea Combined Therapy on Sickle Cell Model Red Blood Cell Deformability
2018Oswald, RobertB.S. (Bio)
2018Otero, MoniqueB.S. (Bio)
2018Scharmann, Benjamin CharlesB.S.Diodes on A Molecular Scale
2018Shen, TianxiaoB.S.
2018Song, ChuntingB.S.
2018Suskevich, SeanB.S. (Bio)
2018Treadwell, JohnB.S.
2018Vickers, DanielB.S.Resolving of Spin-Weighted Spheroidal Eigenvalues for Kerr Black Holes
2018Yu, CenjiB.S.The Effect of Sequence Variations on Thrombin Binding Aptamer
2017Anich, Samuel B.S. (Bio)
2017Antoni, Charlotte B.S. (Bio)
2017Bauersmith, Austin B.S. (Bio)
2017Gianino, Elizabeth B.S. (Bio)Permeability of Fibrin and Plasma Clots as a Function of Cardiovascular Disease and Age
2017Gorelick, John B.S.
2017Griffin, Daniel B.S. (Bio)
2017Harper, Angela B.S.Laser Printed Flexible Electronics
2017Hunt, Bella B.S.
2017Johnstone, Connor B.S.
2017Jonas, Charlie B.S.
2017Kim, Emily B.S. (Bio)
2017Marrero, Matthew B.A.
2017Minnetian, Julia B.S.
2017Momo, Julien-Fabrice B.S.
2017Neli, Daniel B.S. (Bio)
2017Rhoads, Taylor B.A.
2017Robbins, Henry B.S.
2017Schall, Andrew B.A.
2017Shao, Linqi B.S.
2017Swain, Brandi B.S. (Bio)
2017Thompson, Briana B.S.
2016Baldwin, TroyB.A.
2016Beets, NathanB.S.The Hybrid Sterling Engine: Designing and Analyzing a New Solar Device
2016Bergesem. ReeveB.A.
2016Cooper, MichaelB.A.
2016Earnhardt, ChristianB.A.
2016Fulp, KeriB.S.
2016Gee, VictoriaB.S. (Bio)
2016Gormley, MeghanB.A.
2016Hayes, JacoriB.S.Vibration Assisted Crystallization and its Effect on the Quality of Organic and Perovskite Transistors
2016Lauria, MarcusB.A.
2016Lucioni, TomasB.S. (Bio)The Effects of Strain on Single Fibrin Fiber Lysis
2016MacDougall, Duncan
2016Minick, DrewB.S.
2016O'Dell, AdamB.S. (Bio)
2016Parsons, SarahB.S.
2016Patolia, HarshB.S. (Bio)Redefining Image Biometirc Analysis and Acquisition for Two Photon Excitation Microscopy
2016Smith, HannahB.S.Flexible Electronics on Hydrophobic Surfaces
2016Smyre, ScottB.S. (Bio)The synthesis and mechanical properties of 4-vinylbenzyl cholride cross-linked collagen
2016Vaccaro, Alexander IVB.A.
2016Yang, YaqiB.S.
2015Backerman, Grant M.B.A.
2015Barbalace, Ryan L.B.A.
2015Barelli, AndrewB.A.An EPR Study of the Interaction of NTA with Transferrin and Albumin
2015Carlson, Rowland D.B.S.
2015Craven, Anthony R.B.S.
2015Dunmire, Aaron R.B.A.
2015Einhorn, John R.B.S.Effects of Conformally invariant Quantum Fields on Future Singularities
2015Fogel, Derek M.B.S.Tuning Structural Order at Differing Length Scales in Organic Thin-film Transistors
2015Freund, Erica C.B.A.Long-term Storage Conditions of Nanoparticle Encapsulated Orlistat to Maintain Cytotoxicity
2015Guy, Emily S.B.S.
2015Janes, John R.B.S.
2014Jones, Travis N.B.S.
2015Lim, LeeganB.S. (Bio)
2015Lundeen, Andy J.B.S.Effects of Conformally invariant Quantum Fields on Future Singularities
2015Nicholson, William P.B.S. (Bio)Quantifying the Stability of Acridness to Putative Ribosomal DNA G-Quadruplexes
2015Obaid, Abdulmalik M.B.S.Interplay Between Structure, Processing, and Properties of Organic Semiconductors
2015Pipkorn, Zachary M.B.A.
2015Reel, John T.B.S.
2015Saito, MizukiB.S. (Bio)
2015Schuck, Casey E.B.S. (Bio)
2015Shetty, Pragna N.B.S. (Bio)
2015Shoemaker, Brian A.B.S.
2015Simms, Kelli N.B.S. (Bio)Thermoelectric Properties of Small Molecule Doped Carbon Nanotube Matrices
2015Soliman, Karim Z.B.S.
2015Story, William A.B.S.
2015Thompson, William G.B.S.Investigating the Effects of Chemotherapeutics on the MutSα Complex
2015Vuong, AndyB.S. (Bio)Towards High-resolution Recording of Brain Activity Using Organic Transistors
2015Zhang, Xinran (Hannah)B.S.Modeling Li diffusion using molecular dynamics
2014Cantin, Kristine D.B.A.
2014Clarke, Ardelia M.B.S. (Bio)
2014Conwill, Eliot M.B.S.
2014Drewery, James L.B.S.Modeling Materials: Comparison of Two PAW Datasets
2014Hicks, Bradley B.B.S.Natural Vacuum State for Quantum Scalar Fields in an Initially Radiation Dominated Universe and its Relationship to the Bunch-Davies State
2014Johnson, Daniel H.B.S.
2014Kates, Cameron M.B.S.Computational Modeling of Surface Energy and Structural Behavior of Li 4 P 2 S 6 Electrolytic Solid Interfacing with Li Anodes
2014Kreutzfeldt, Timothy W.B.S.Development of Mechanically Soft Gels for Use in Wide-Field Microscopy of Live Cells
2014Kumar, KiranB.S. (Bio)
2013Lipke, Kyle C.B.S.
2014Marvel, Madison L.B.S. (Bio)Platelet Activation in Hemolytic Anemias
2014Payne, Margaret E.B.S.Charge Transfer Complexes of Pyromellitic Dianhydride
2014Voyles, David E.B.S. (Bio)The Mechanical Properties of Mixed, Electrospun Collagen/Fibrinogen Fibers for Tissue Engineering Purposes
2014Zinchuk, Cameron M.B.S.
2013Arter, CalvinB.S.
2013Ayoola-Adeola, Martins A.B.S.
2013Binz, Kristen L.B.A.
2013Brigeman, Alyssa N.B.S.Development of Solution-processable Semiconductor and Dielectric Layers in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
2013Carney, Richard S.B.A.
2013Chambers, Michael W.B.S. (Bio)
2013Christ, Zachary A.B.A.
2013Cusano, Sean A.B.S.Kinetics of Nitrite Reductase Activity of Myoglobin and S-Nitrosothiol Production Under Varying Oxygen Pressures and pH Values
2013Cyrus, Audrey M.B.A.
2013Eggart, Laurence P.B.S.
2013Flynn, Samuel D.B.S.Properties of Long Lived Neutrino Stars in an Expanding Universe
2013Gn, Martus Zheng QuanB.S. (Bio)Mutant Pentacoordinate Neuroglobin Binding Kinetics to Carbon Monoxide
2013Lyle, Christopher R.B.S.
2013Shugoll, BradB.S. (Bio)Uncovering Meaningful Correlations between Oxidative Damage and Aging: An Analysis of Carbonyl Detection Methodology
2013Snyder, Matthew J.B.S. (Bio)Using Atomic Force Microscopy to Analyze the Effects of Pt-Acramtu, a Novel Anticancer Therapeutic, on DNA
2013Stevens, Loah A.B.S.Polymorphism in Organic Semiconductors
2013Yu, Guo VictorB.S. (Bio)Characterization of Surface Functionalized Nanoparticle Using Gel Electrophoresis
2012Banerjee, SohamB.S.A Novel Anchoring Technique to Enable Nanofiber Mechanical Testing
2012Binder, MaryB.S. (Bio)Nanocomposite Modified RFID Tags for Use as Strain Sensors
2012Cockerham, JamesB.A.
2012Conrad, RandallB.S. (Bio)
2012David, DanielB.S.Effect of Chemical Composition & Crystal Structure on the Electronic Performance of Organic Seminconductors: The Case of Acenes
2012Durr, KristinaB.A.
2012Gallagher, DanielB.S.
2012Grunwald, JamesB.S. (Bio)
2012Lanzer, RobertB.A.
2012Martin, MatthewB.S. (Bio)Variational Bayesian Analysis of Pescide Track
2012McLellan, ClaireB.S.A Unified Picture of Charge Density's Effect on the Mobility of Organic Semiconductors
2012Nguyendac, DonB.S. (Bio)Development of the Function Annotation Process to Rapidly Populate UCSF's SFLD Crotonase Superfamily
2012Reynolds, HannahB.S. (Bio)The Role of Nitric Oxide Scavenging by Red Cell Microparticles in the Blood Storage Lesion
2012Sanders, DillonB.S.Particle Production in De Sitter Space and the Validity of the Semiclassical Approximation during Preheating
2012Schwartz, LukeB.S. (Bio)
2012Shoemaker, GriffinB.S. (Bio)
2012Turner, BrandonB.S. (Bio)Exploring the use of Hemology Modeling and Active Site Profiling to Capture Evolutionarily Divergent Members of the Haloacid Dehalogenase Superfamily
2011Armstrong, ElizabethB.S.Quantification of Geometry for Parametric Shape and Size Modeling of the Human Rib Cage
2011Boyte, BrentlyB.A.
2011Carlton, AshleyB.S.The Expansion and Brightening of the Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3
2011Edwards, AdamB.A.
2011Font, MichaelB.A.
2011Gendy, MarianneB.A.
2011Goetz, KatelynB.S.Using Single Crystals to Study Intrinsic Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
2011Grosse, StephenB.S. (Bio)
2011Hamer, Justin M.B.A.
2011Hayon, SolomanB.S. (Bio)
2011Keith, Mary KatherineB.S. (Bio)
2011Matthews, Charles WesleyB.S.Ab Initio Simulations of Ammonia Borane under Pressure
2011Meador, ColbyB.S.
2011Nguyen, CallistusB.S.
2011Nwanze, NnekaB.S. (Bio)
2011Owen, JackB.S.High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated by Spray-Deposition
2011Stoldt, ConnorB.A.
2011Sullivan, RyanB.S. (Bio)
2011Vance, ZacharyB.S. (Bio)
2011Williams-Simmons, AaronB.S.
2010Azarova, NataliaB.S.
2010Baldwin, MargaretB.S. (Bio)
2010Cahyuti, ThomasB.A.
2010Chainani, RickB.A.
2010Chang, AlyssaB.A.
2010Courtney, NickB.A.
2010Dyer, AlfordB.A.
2010Goetz, BradleyB.S. (Bio)
2010Howell, MatthewB.S.
2010Patton, LauraB.S. (Bio)
2010Roll, EricB.S. (Bio)
2010Wang, PamelaB.A.
2009Cauley, P. WilsonB.S.
2009Cox, William K.B.A.
2009Dannahower, Ashley C.B.A.
2009Forseth, Erik R.B.S.Search for Self-Consistent Wormhole Solutions in Semiclassical Gravity
2009Gottbrecht, Matthew F.B.A.The Analysis of the Enolase Superfamily Based on Active Site Structure and Function
2009Kuhn, Adam M.B.A. (Bio)
2009Lepley, NicholasB.S.
2009Nelli, J. PatrickB.A. (Bio)Platelet Adherence to Proteins Under Shear Flow Conditions
2009Rosile, David A.B.S.Effect of the New Cancer Therapeutic "Acramtu" on DNA Conformation
2009Talluri, SanjayB.S.
2009Taylor, Alex D.B.A. (Bio)
2009Walb, Matthew C.B.S.Testing the Motor Kinesin in a Viscoelastic Medium
2008Bjerke, Jillian MarieB.S.
2008Burwell, Thomas PryorB.S.
2007Dunlap, Peter BenjaminB.A.
2008Jung, MinjiB.A.
2008Klyap, Sarah AnnB.S.Numerical Computation of the Stress-Energy Tensor in the Neighborhood of a Wormhole due to Fermionic Fields
2008Macropoulas, G. AlexanderB.S.
2008Patel, E. JayB.S.
2008Rice, Peter KillianB.S.
2008Sizemore, Sara MichelleB.S.
2008Wall, R. AndrewB.S.Absorption and Emission of Light by Electrons and Holes in ZnO
2008Watkins, Lee MatthewB.S.
2008Wilson, Andrew CharlesB.S.
2007Chisena, Ernest NicolaB.A.Speckled Microtubules Improve Tracking in Motor-Protein Gliding Assays
2007Dellaripa, Nicholas WilliamB.S.Wormhole Solutions to the Semiclassical Einstein Field Equations
2007Gordon, Elizabeth AnnB.A.The Effects of Nitric Oxide on the Deformability of RBCs
2007Gordon, Kevin CharlesB.A.
2007Hill, Jared D.B.S.
2007Inman, Charles NicholsB.A.
2007Kalemeris, Holly ChristineB.S.
2007Khanoyan, Christopher CardB.S.
2007Roman, Michael PatrickB.S.Creation of Branched Porous Anodic Alumina Templates for the Fabrication of Silver Nanorods
2007Salek, Robert J.B.S.
2007Sparks, Eric AndrewB.A. (Bio)The Viscoelastic Properties of Individual Fibrin Fibers
2007Varner, James AdamB.A.
2007Weiss, Jordan AllenB.S.
2006Abernathy, Zachary J.B.S.
2006Berardinelli, Kevin M.B.A.
2006Gaut, Richard CharlesB.A.
2006McGuirt, John BaxterB.S.Inkjet Printing of Biological Materials
2006Zimmerman, Tyler J.B.A.Effects of Au and Ag Nanoparticles on the Optical Absorption of PEDOT:PSS Electrochromic Devices
2005Caudill, Matthew S.B.S.Testing the Black Hole�s Spin in Black-Hole Binary Initial Data
2005Davis, Ierisha T.B.S.
2005Hall, Kristen M.B.A.
2005Martin, George B.B.S.Warping the Wave Function: Intermediate Steps in Quantum Computation
2005Rutledge, Thomas S,.B.A.
2005Stephens, Bryan J.B.S.Construction and Application of a Combined AFM/FM (with TIRF)
2005VanDeventer, JacquelineB.A.
2004Azarov, Ivan A.B.S.
2004Batten, Randolph H.B.A.
2004Clayton, Jack StewartB.A.Enhancing the Conductivity at PEDOT-PSS
2004Keeling, Briana CrystalB.S.Warping the Wave Function: Better estimations of the electronic wavefunction using a rubbersheeting technique
2004Murphy, Timothy DanielB.A.
2004Plaza, Michael JonathanB.A.
2004Ringwood, Lorna AnnB.S.
2004Seal, Christopher RichardB.A.
2004Shelton, Wilson AndrewB.S.Nonlinear Motion by Linearly Driven Optical Torques
2003Agopsowicz, Douglas EugeneB.A.
2003Green, Heather BennettB.A.
2003Hobson, Maritza AnitaB.S.Optical Tracking of Vesicles at Various Temperatures
2003Krauss, Katherine L.B.A.
2003Lichtenstein, Erin KyleB.S.
2003Lindemann, Dana MarieB.A.
2003McKay, Jesse DavidB.A.
2003Raynor, Corinne CaylaB.A.
2002Mischuck, BrianB.S.Pulsed Laser Photoelectron Spectroscopy of ZnO
2002Morgan, Jessica (Wolfing)B.S.Random and Directed Motion of Microbeads
2002Poole, AlanB.S.Near Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Blood and Hemoglobin
2001Arndt, Stephen RobertB.A.
2001Gravatt, William LyleB.S.
2001Kline, Jacob MorrisB.S.Graviton Energy and Momentum in a K=0 de Sitter Universe
2001Mauro, Brett VaughanB.S.
2001Meltsner, Michael AdamB.S.
2001Parker, Nathan ChandlerB.S.
2001Swanson, Patrick EarlB.A.
2001Valenti, Erin PatriciaB.S.
2000Bello, Ryan MichaelB.A.
2000Dunn, Tammie Christine S.B.S.
2000Jenkins, Neil EdwardB.S.
2000Melby, Christine ClaireB.A.
2000Stephenson, Bradley NicholsB.A.
2000Tate, Rebecca GraceB.A.
1999Bedle, HeatherB.S.
1999Childress, Edward BradleyB.A.
1999Everhart, George AndrewB.A.
1999Grow, Kerry LynB.A.Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Measurements of Insulating Materials
1999Mull, Courtney DawnB.A.
1999Parks, Joshua DavidB.A.
1999Pieslak, Brian TheodoreB.S.
1999Tarsa, Peter BowieB.S.
1998Bergquist, Kyle JeffreyB.A.A Study of the Spatial Distribution of Radicals in Cleaved and X-Irradiated Hard Keratin
1998Biddick, Kathleen SuzanneB.A.
1998Depenbrock, Patrick JohnB.A.
1998Detterline, Alvin JamesB.A.
1998Frey, Andrew RodgerB.S.Nucleosynthesis Limits on Long-Range Forces
1998Gummadi, Bharat KumarB.A.
1998Kolibash, Christopher PaulB.A.
1998Marshburn, David TheonB.S.
1998Taska, Andrew JosephB.A.Three-Photon Photoluminescence Microscopy of Gallium Nitride Epitaxial Think Films
1997Gulbis, Eric AndrewB.S.
1997Hatcher, Ryan MichaelB.A.
1997King, Amanda LeeB.S.
1997Paitsel, Brian WayneB.A.
1997Schmitz, Stephen PalmerB.A.
1997Webb, Suzanne ChristineB.S.
1996Butler, Evelyn NadineB.S.Scalar Polarizability Measurements of Lithium Clusters
1996Claussen, Neil RyanB.S.Design and Construction of a Magneto_optical Trap for Rubidium Atoms
1996Harder, Scott VanceB.A.
1996Krenach, Courtney MariaB.S.
1996Neal, Jeffrey DavidB.S.
1995Akerele-Ale, Aduni ItunuB.S.
1995Burke, Diane ElizabethB.S.
1995Jatinen, Andrew WylieB.S.
1995Kimmer, Christopher JamesB.S.Simulation of the Atomic Force Microscope using the semi-empirical Angular-Force Embedded Atom Method
1994Bahrani, HoomanB.S.
1994Cooke, Larry DouglasB.A.
1994Cosentine, Louis ArthurB.A.
1994Hodulik, Paul EdmundB.S.Saturated Spectroscopy of Rubidium
1994Nigrelli, Amy LynnB.A.
1994Parks, Christine CarolB.A.
1994Peil, Michael AnthonyB.A.
1994Upton, Lee OliverB.S.
1994Wachter, Christopher MichaelB.S.
1994Williams, Deborah JeanB.A.
1993Crowell, Alexander SheffieldB.S.ESR Studies of Radiation and Mechanical Damage to Keratin Proteins
1993Harrington, Gregory ScottB.S.
1993Kearns, William TylerB.S.
1993Korzeniowski, Luka GregoryB.S.
1993Kreuzburg, Bradley RogerB.S.
1993Pressley, Christian LeeB.A.
1992Aloi, Jennifer AnneB.A.
1992Cooke, Jason-Paul TrevorB.S.
1992Dillingham, Stephen GeorgeB.S.
1992Hutson, Michael ShaneB.A.
1992Mills, Jennifer MargaretB.S.
1992Rossi, Shawn PeterB.A.
1991Brooks, Edward JosephB.A.
1991Brown, Thomas MadisonB.A.
1991Chervenak, James AndrewB.S.
1991Eggleston, Thomas WesleyB.A.
1991Jacobs, Karen JoynerB.S.
1991Neitzey, Lynn MarieB.A.
1991Olsen, Jennifer JeanB.A.
1991Sabanayagam, Chandran RigorB.S.
1990Davis, Jon PilkentonB.S.
1990Dillon, Alan WellfordB.A.
1990Hawthorne, Alice MichelB.S.
1990Hoy, Stephen MichaelB.S.
1990Keiner, Louis EdwardB.A.
1990Kral, Robert AnthonyB.A.
1990Piechnik, Anthony JosephB.S.
1990Platt, Kevin JohnB.A.Simulation of a Model with Three-Fold Symmetry in the On-Site Potential Energy
1990Rave, Matthew JamesB.A.
1990Rowe, Mark WilliamB.A.
1990Sebek, Robert MichaelB.S.
1990Vann, Joel DavidB.A.
1990Wakefield, Christopher RobertB.S.
1990Waldron, Deborah AnnB.S.
1989Clark, Chadwick WellingtonB.A.
1989Einwaechter, Eric DwightB.S.
1989Elia, Alan RichardB.A.
1989Fries, Douglas EricB.S.
1989Gant, Marcia OletaB.A.
1989Had, Steven DennisB.A.
1989Kleman, Todd GeorgeB.A.
1989Mainwaring, Bruce JohnB.A.
1989Mainwaring, Bruce JohnB.A.
1989Nau, William HenryB.S.
1989Seddon, Mark SimonB.S.
1988Bird, Richard RivesB.A.
1988Dameron, Martha PaigeB.A.
1988Dyson, Joann MabelB.S.
1988Gemrich, Catherine LeeB.S.
1988Hinds, John MichaelB.S.
1988Jones, Carolyn AnneB.S.
1988Kopelman, Elizabeth JaneB.S.
1988Seto, KenjiB.S.
1988Shafer, Robert PatrickB.S.
1988Snyder, William TimothyB.A.
1988Steed, Pamela Elaine BellB.S.
1988Whitcomb, Richard WhitneyB.S.
1987Azhar, SalmanB.S.Singular Factor Method for Electronic Structure Calculations
1987Clark, Edward GrahamB.S.
1987Collins, Charlene LynneB.S.
1987Dixon, David GlennB.S.
1987Gregg, Michael RoyB.A.
1987Hovis, Robert CorbyB.A.
1987Kern, Gary RobertB.S.
1987McKee, Chad BennettB.S.Transient Orientation of Linear DNA Molecules during Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis
1987Moeller, Patricia LynnB.A.
1987Peterson, Woodrow HufhamB.S.
1987Shattuck, Mark DavidB.S.
1987Tuttle, Andrew EthanB.S.
1986Baker, David EricB.A.
1986Basinger, Alice AnnB.A.
1986Burma, Lance MichaelB.S.
1986Chapman, Richard OliverB.S.
1986Durham, Mark AllenB.A.ITC: A Computer Model � Defect-Defect Interactions in Gadolinium Doped Calcium Fluoride
1986Ensor, David PaulB.A.
1986Ledbetter, Elizabethe AnneB.A.
1986Riffe, Scott EdwardB.A.
1986Roberson, Mark WindsorB.S.Ionic Thermo Current Studies of CaF2 Doped with Ce3+ and Gd3+
1986Rosenblatt, Gregg HowardB.A.
1986Scibetta, James SidneyB.S.
1985Covell, Eugene WayneB.A.
1985Earle, Clifford SaxbyB.S.
1985Graham, Jon MichaelB.S.
1985Griffin, Cynthia LynnB.S.
1985Harper, James WinsmoreB.A.
1985Herman, Rhett ByronB.S.
1985Howell, Laurie LynnB.A.
1985Kaden, Walter MichaelB.A.
1985Maxwell, Michael C.B.S.
1985McCray, Gordon EugeneB.S.
1985Neinast, Mark EdwardB.S.
1985Owen, Jack WaldenB.S.
1985Shown, Leslie JaneB.A.
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