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The Wake Forest Physics Department offers an outstanding educational program for the undergraduate student, with the option to pursue a BS in physics,  BA in physics or a BS in biophysics. The program is designed to give the student a broad understanding of physics, with the opportunity to pursue research at the forefront of biophysicscondensed matter physicsgravitation and particle, and medical physics. Opportunities in experimental, computational, and theoretical physics are found among these subject areas. The Department thus provides the unique mix of research opportunities similar to those found at large research universities with the atmosphere of a small liberal arts university. Graduates from the Wake Forest Physics Department hold rewarding positions at colleges, universities, industry and government laboratories, and not-for-profit institutes.

AP and IB Physics Credit

Advanced Placement – credit granted according to the following schedule:

*If your AP Physics C class was shortened due to COVID-19 and it did not cover magnetism and electromagnetism, and you wish to continue study in physics or biophysics, then you may wish to consider taking Phy 124 or Phy 114 because those are important topics for further study in physics. Consult the Chair, Dr. Kim-Shapiro, with any questions concerning this.

International Baccalaureate – credit given for a score of 6 or 7 on Higher Level. Student will receive 4 credit hours (Wake Forest course – PHY 111).
British AS-level – credit given for a score of B or higher. Student will receive 4 credit hours (Wake Forest course – PHY 110, 110L).
British A-levels – credit given for a score of B or higher. Student will receive 4 credit hours (Wake Forest course – PHY 111).

TestAP Score NeededWFU Credit HoursCourse Credited on TranscriptCourse to register for at WFU
AP Physics 14 or 54PHY 110, 110LPHY 113 or 114
AP Physics 24 or 54PHY 111PHY 114
AP Physics C
4 or 54PHY 113, 113LPHY 114
AP Physics C
Electricity & Magnetism
4 or 54PHY 114, 114LPHY 113 or 215*
International Baccalaureate
(High Level only)
6 or 74PHY 111PHY 114
British AS-levelB or higher4PHY 110, 110LPHY 113
British A-levelsB or higher4PHY 111PHY 114
Table Summary of Credit for College-Level Achievement Tests

*If the student has credit for both PHY 111/113 AND 114, then they should register for PHY 215.

Wake Forest divisional credit is not given for any AP, IB, or A-level exams.
Note that credit will not be given for both PHY 111 and PHY 113, 113L. If a student with PHY 111 credit takes PHY 114 and successfully completes it here at Wake Forest with a grade of C or better, we will then, upon request, change PHY 111 credit to PHY 113, 113L credit. This is needed in some cases for our pre-health professions students, and can be helpful for our majors.

The complete listing of AP credit and IB credit that is available at Wake Forest in all disciplines can be found at the following link for the Registrars’ Office: External link icon.