Physics Department Courses Spring 2024

PHY 601Physics SeminarMacosko, J.R04:00 PM 05:00 PMOLIN 101
PHY 607BiophysicsKim-Shapiro, D./Guthold, M.M W F10:00 AM 10:50 AMOLIN 105
PHY 625Biophysical Methods LabKim-Shapiro, D./Guthold, M.R01:45 PM 03:30 PMOLIN 102
PHY 640Electricity and MagnetismKandada, A.T R12:30 PM – 01:45 PMOLIN 103
PHY 641Thermodynamics and Stat MechAnerson, P.M W F01:00 PM 01:50 PMOLIN 103, OLIN 105
PHY 644Quantum PhysicsAnderson, P.M W F09:00 AM 9:50 AMOLIN 105
PHY 645Introduction to Quantum ComputingCarroll, D.T R11:00 AM 12:15 PMOLIN 107
PHY 661Biophysics SeminarSalsbury, F./Cho, S.W03:00 PM 04:00 PMOLIN 101
PHY 663Condensed Matter SeminarHolzwarth, N./Kandada, A.F11:00 AM 11:50 AMOLIN 105
PHY 691Applications of Physics to FinanceMacosko, J.T R09:30 AM 10:45 AMOLIN 105
PHY 712ElectromagnetismHolzwarth, N.M W F10:00 AM 10:50 AMOLIN 103
PHY 742Quantum MechanicsCarlson, E.M W F12:00 PM 12:50 PMOLIN 103
PHY 773Radiation Therapy PhysicsDezarn, W.M W09:30 AM 11:00 AMTBD
PHY 776Medical Health PhysicsVervers, J.T R02:00 PM 03:15 PMTBD

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Course Rotation

SemesterCourse 1Course 2Course 3
Spring, 2023PHY335/635 Computational PhysicsPHY352/652 Physical Optics and Optical Design**PHY385/685 Bioinformatics
Fall, 2023PHY310/610 CosmologyPHY354/654 Solid State Physics*PHY770 Statistical Physics
Spring, 2024PHY307/607 BiophysicsPHY325/625 Biophysical MethodsPHY345/645 Quantum Computing
Fall, 2024PHY320/620 Physics of Biological MacromoleculesPHY752 Solid State Physics*

* Atypical semester; usually Fall of even years.

**Atypical semester; usually Spring of even years. Should be taken in sequence after 354/654.

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