Graduate Courses

Physics Department Courses Fall 2022

PHY 601Physics SeminarHolzwarth, N.R04:00 PM 05:00 PMOLIN 101
PHY 620Phys. of Biological MacromoleculesCho, S.T R12:30 PM 01:45 PMOLIN 107
PHY 637Analytical MechanicsCarroll, D.T R12:30 PM 01:45 PMOLIN 103
PHY 639Electricity and MagnetismCarroll, D.T R12:30 PM 01:45 PMOLIN 103
PHY 643Quantum PhysicsAnderson, P.MW F09:00 AM 09:50 AMOLIN 103 OLIN 105
PHY 661Biophysics SeminarBaker, S.TBATBATBA
PHY 663Condensed Matter SeminarHolzwarth, N./Thonhauser, T.TBATBATBA
PHY 711Classical Mechanics and MathemHolzwarth, N.MWF10:00 AM 10:50 AMOLIN 103
PHY 741Quantum MechanicsCarlson, E.MWF12:00 PM 12:50PMOLIN 103
PHY 754 / 754LSurface ScienceCarroll, D.TR9:30AM 10:20AM 2:30PM 4:30PMNano Ctr
PHY 771Radiological PhysicsDezarnTBATBATBA
PHY 774Physics of Mecial ImagingLipford, M.TBATBATBA
PHY 780General RelativityCarlson, EricT R9:00 – 10:15 AMTBA
PHY 791Thesis Research IAll Faculty
PHY 891Dissertation Research IAll Faculty
SCB 710Structural/Computational BioPhysicsSalsburyM3:30 PM 5:30 PMFoothills Brewing

Future courses

Spring 2023

PHY 601Physics SeminarAnderson, P.R04:00 PM – 04:50 PMOlin 101
SCB 710Structural/Computational BiophysicsSalsbury, F.TBATBATBA
PHY 712ElectromagnetismHolzwarth, N.M W F10:00 AM – 10:50 AMOlin 103
PHY 742Quantum MechanicsCarlson, E.M W F12:00 PM – 12:50 PMOlin 107
PHY 792Thesis Research IIAll Faculty
PHY 892Dissertation Research IIAll Faculty

Rotation of 300/600-Level Electives

SemesterCourse 1Course 2
Fall, odd years310/610 Cosmology354/654 Solid State Physics*
Spring, even years307/607 Biophysics345/645 Quantum Computing
Fall, even years320/620 Biomacromolecules352/652 Physics Optics**
Spring, odd years335/635 Computational Physics

* Undergraduate solid state (354/654) and grad solid state (752) should be in sequence.  This sequence would be best for grad students in solid state.  We’ll teach 354/654 in the Fall and 752 the following Spring.

** Instead of being offered in Fall 2022, 352/652 Optics will also be offered Spring 2023.  

Previous courses