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Physics Graduate Students 2023-2024

  • Can Cai
  • Paul David Carchipulla-Morales
  • Tim Carlson
  • Eric Chapman
  • Nick Corak
  • Ramesh Dhakal
  • Derek Dremann
  • Caela Flake
  • Owen Ganter
  • Leda Gao
  • Wells Graham
  • Joseph Granlie
  • Samuel Griffith
  • Eric Grotzke
  • Trevor Jenkins
  • Thilini Karunarathna
  • Katherine Koch
  • Evan Kumar
  • D. Cory Lynch
  • Manikanta Makala
  • Motahhare Mirhosseini
  • Banasree Mou
  • Arezoo Nameny
  • Ian Newsome
  • Athul Prem
  • Lee Pyror
  • Vincent Siggia
  • Gabriella Tamayo
  • Mitch Turk

Physics Graduate Alums

YearNameTitle of ThesisDegree
2024Shohreh Gholizadeh SiahmazgiSolutions to the Mode Equation for a Quantized Massless Scalar Field Outside a Black Hole that Forms from the Collapse of a Null Shell: Late-time Behaviors and Computation of the Stress-energy TensorPh.D.
2022Link, RobertThe Solvothermal Growth of Moiré Superlattices in Antimony Telluride Spiral-Type NanoplatesM.S.
2022Ordines, TaylorSemiclassical Prediction of the Preinflationary Era, and Limits on f(R,T) GravityPh.D.
2022Fisher, SarahAn investigation into nonstandard theories of gravityPh.D.
2021Tyznik, ColinMetal Halide Perovskite: Innovations in Applications and ProcessingPh.D.
2021Li, YanFirst Principles Investigations of Electrolyte Materials in All-Solid-State BatteriesPh.D.
2021Pashayan, MelissaTunable Collagen I Matrices for Cellular Migration Assay and Mechanical Properties of Mitotic Mammary CellsPh.D.
2021Tong, RenConsiderations on Two Types of Solid-Sate Dosimeters for Ionization RadiationPh.D.
2021Iqbal, HamnaDynamics of Charge Carrier Traps in Organic SemiconductorsPh.D.
2020Lee, HyunsuMicro-Scale Mechanical Properties of Non-Cancerous and Cancerous Human Mammary Epithelial CellsPh.D.
2020Vickers,DanielUnderstanding Solutions of the Angular Teukolsky Equation in the Prolate Asymptotic LimitM.S.
2020Daraei, AliImportance of the Fibrinogen Alpha-C Connector in Fibrin Fiber Mechanical Properties and Automated Fiber Diameter Measurements in SEM Images of Fibrin ClotsPh.D.
2020Dudley, RichardBose-Einstein Condensate Analog Black HolesPh.D.
2020Zeidell, Andrew Microstructure Control in Organic and Hybrid Semiconductors and its Impact on Device PerformancePh.D.
2019Li, PeiyunRare-Earth and Alkaline-Earth Halides with Scintillation Activators and Co-Dopants Studied by Picosecond Optical Absorption SpectroscopyPh.D.
2018Al-Qawasmeh, AhmadAB Initio Simulations of Idealized Solid Electrolytes in Lithium Ion BatteriesPh.D.
2018Colvin, Terra Dwayne Jr. Assessing Multations In a Zinc Finger Domain of NF-KB Essential Modulator (Nemo) Using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsM.S.
2018Henderson, EricEffects of Gate Thickness, Gate Morphology and Emissive Layer Material on Organic Light Emitting Varactor Capacitor PerformanceM.S.
2018Howard, JasonFirst-Principles Simulations of Solid State Battery MaterialsPh.D.
2018Lamport, ZacharyCharge Transport in Organic Electronic Devices: From Nano to Macro-ScalePh.D.
2018Melvin, RyanBias, Uncertainty, and IonsPh.D.
2018Montgomery, DavidNon-Traditional Study of Renewable Generators in Thermoelectric and Piezoelectric Meta StructuresPh.D.
2018Nelson, LaurenInteractions Between Heme-Globins and LigandsM.S.
2018Onken, DrewApplying Novel Material Characterization Techniques Using Ultrafast Laser Excitation and Neutron Diffraction in Radiation Detector CrystalPh.D.
2018Xiao, JiajieUnderstanding Generalized Allostery in ThrombinPh.D.
2018Xu, JunweiCharges and Excitons in Field-Induced Organic and Pervoskite Light Emitting DevicesPh.D.
2017Bolden, Crystal Interaction between RSNO and H2S: The formation, stability, and NO-donating capacity of SSNO* and the effects of SSNO* on platelet activation (Molecular Medicine)Ph.D.
2017Dun, Chaochao Low-Dimensional Chalcogenide Nanomaterials for Thermoelectric CompositesPh.D.
2017Godwin, Ryan Binding NEMO: Adventures in Molecular DynamicsPh.D.
2017Harrison, David Improving Existing and Discovering New Hydrogen Storage Materials Using Computational Materials ModelingPh.D.
2017Huang, Wenxiao Earth-Abundant Metal Chalcogenides: Synthesis, Interface Modification, and Applications in Energy Conversion Devices Ph.D.
2017Liu, Xiaohua Effects of Red Blood Cells on Nitric Oxide BioactivityPh.D.
2017Rush, Larry E. Jr.First-principles investigation of electronic properties in sodium-ion electrolytes for solid-state battery materialsM.S.
2017Welchman, Evan Understanding and Improving Hydrogen Storage Materials with ab initio MethodsPh.D.
2016Arter, Calvin First-Principles Modeling of MOF74 for Gas Sequestration and Storage ApplicationsM.S.
2016Diemer, Peter Reduction of Electronic Traps in Organic Semiconductors by Novel Processing MethodsPh.D.
2016Goetz, Katelyn Structure-Function Relationships in Organic Charge-Transfer ComplexesPh.D.
2016Lu, Xinfu Coupled rate and transport equations modeling light yield, pulse shape and their proportionality to energy in electron tracks: a study of CsI and CsI:Tl scintillatorsPh.D.
2016Mei, Yaochuan Charge Transport in Organic and Hybrid Perovskite Field Effect TransistorsPh.D.
2016Taylor, Alex Plasmonic Nanoparticles as Versatile Nanorulers for Sensing Applications: Developing the Nanoparticle-on-mirror ArchitecturePh.D.
2016Walb, Matthew Low Dose Dosimetry and Radiation Response in Rodent ModelsPh.D.
2016Zalutskiy, Maxim Investigations of Black-Hole Spectra: Purely-Imaginary Modes and Kerr Ringdown RadiationPh.D.
2015Baker, Stephen Single Fiber Nanomechanical Properties of Electrospun Fibers and Modified Fibrin Fibers using Atomic Force MicroscopyPh.D.
2015Belanger, Andrea Biophysical studies of potential therapies of hemoglobin-associated diseasesPh.D.
2015Guo, Xinyi Characterizing the micro-scale mechanical properties of hydrogels and cancer cellsPh.D.
2015Lepley, Nicholas First principles investigations of solid-solid interfaces in lithium battery materialsPh.D.
2015Li, Rongzhong Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Bio-Molecular Dynamics, Folding, and AssemblyPh.D.
2015Li, Wei Single Fibrin Fiber Mechanical Property and LysisPh.D.
2015Liu, Jie X-Ray Scatter Computation and Simulation in Cone Beam Computed TomographyPh.D.
2015McGowin, Inna Head Motion Evaluation and Correction in MagnetoencephalographyPh.D.
2015McKell, Chad Confinement and Tracking of Brownian Particles in a Bessel Beam Standing WaveM.S.
2015Smith, Greg Field Induced Polymer ElectroluminescencePh.D.
2015Ward, Jeremy Enhancing the Electrical Performance of Organic Field-Effect Transistors Through Interface EngineeringPh.D.
2014Dorand, Jennifer A SR-90 Irradiation Device for the Study of Cutaneous Radiation Injury from a Radiological IncidentPh.D.
2014Li, Qi Toward a User's Toolkit for Modeling Scintillator Proportionality and Light YieldPh.D.
2013Belavia, Landon Reactions of Nitroxyl and Nitrite In BloodPh.D.
2013Hewitt, Corey Carbon Nanotube Based Organic Thermoelectric Composites: Synthesis, Characterization, PerformancePh.D.
2013Lepley, Nicholas An Investigation of Lithium Solid Electrolyte Materials with First Principles CalculationsM.S.
2013Liu, Chen The Role of Nitric Oxide in the Blood Storage LesionPh.D.
2013Lopez, Graham Calculating Magnetic Properties of Materials using Density Functional TheoryPh.D.
2013Sigley, Justin Measuring the Microscale Mechanical Properties of Fibrin Fibers and Cancer CellsPh.D.
2012Bates, Jason Quantum Effects of Scalar Fields in Black Hole and Cosmological SpacetimesPh.D.
2012Best, Ryan Monte Carlo Modeling of the Gamma Knife Perfexion™Ph.D.
2012Ding, Xuanfeng (Leo) Feasibility Study of Multi-Application, Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Magnetic Resonance Temperature Imaging Guided Laster Induced Thermal TherapyPh.D.
2012Grim, Joel Experimental and Computational Studies of Nonlinear Quenching in Materials Used as Radiation DetectorsPh.D.
2012Kolb, Brian A Survey of Several van der Waals-Rich Systems and a Machine Learning Approach to Improving Density Functional TheoryPh.D.
2012Li, Yuan Three Dimensional Solar Cells Based on Optical Confinement GeometriesPh.D.
2012Nie, Wanyi Organic Photovoltaic Device OptimizationPh.D.
2012Peterson, Eric Nanocomposites for Enhancing Current Collection in Organic Solar CellsM.S.
2011Azarov, Ivan Nitric oxide bioavailability regulation by hemoglobinPh.D.
2011Bjerke, Jillian Characterization of Carbonaceous Exsolvate from Metal MeltsM.S.
2011Dutta, Samrat Studying the Interaction of Cancer & Thrombosis Therapeutics with Protein and DNAPh.D.
2011Kielbasa, Jerrold Fabrication and Optical Response of Silver Nanowire MetamaterialsPh.D.
2011Xu, Xiao Hartree-Fock and KLI Atom Projector Augmented Wave Method ImplementationPh.D.
2010Best, Ryan Monte Carlo Modeling of the Gamma Knife Perfexion™M.S.
2010Carlisle, Christine The Mechanical Properties of Individual Electrospun Fibers and Fibrin FibersPh.D.
2010Fallesen, Todd Kinesin-Microtubule Interactions During Gliding Assays Under Magnetic ForcePh.D.
2009Grigsby, Jason D. Analyzing and Improving Initial Data for Binary Black HolesPh.D.
2009Hirsch, William H. Quantum Effects of the Massless Spin One-Half Field in Static Spherically Symmetric Black Hole and Wormhole SpacetimesPh.D.
2009Yuan, Ye Studies of the Electrostatic Properties of PeroxiredoxinsPh.D.
2008Bonessi, Douglas K. Optical Forces and Torques: Theory and ExperimentPh.D.
2008Coldren, Faith Theoretical and Experimental Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Staphylococcus AureusPh.D.
2008Conley, Kevin A Dirac All-Electron Basis and Spin-Orbit Coupled Projector Implementation of the Projector Augmented Wave Method for Atomic SystemsPh.D.
2008Hodge, William B. Constrained Variational Calculation of Second-Order Reduced Density Matrices for Hubbard RingsPh.D.
2007Jeffers, Anne Nitric Oxide Scavenging by Cell-free Hemoglobin (Biomedical Engineering)M.S.
2007Rave, Matthew J. Aspects of Berry's Phase in Solid State PhysicsPh.D.
2006Evanich, David Aspects of Parametric Resonance in Chaotic InflationM.S.
2006Huang, Kris T.The roles of hemoglobin, nitrite, nitric oxide, and red cells in hypoxic vasodilation (Biomedical Engineering)Ph.D.
2006Liu, Wenhua Determining the Mechanical Properties of Individual Fibrin FibersPh.D.
2006Lu, Peng Nanoselection - A Single-Cycle Method, Based on a Combined AFM/FM instrument, to Select Individual Aptamer Species from a Pool of Random OligonucleotidesPh.D.
2006Tang, Ping Computational Research on Lithium ion Battery MaterialsPh.D.
2005Jeffers, Anne Bouldin Activation of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase by NitriteM.S.
2005Qiu, Yong Subpicosecond Absorption Study of an Electron Polaron and Its Formation Time in Knb03 and LiNb03Ph.D.
2004Abraham, Yonas Beyene Electronic States near Surfaces – a) Analysis of calculation methods using semi-infinite boundary conditions; b) Sensitive detection using laser photoelectron spectroscopyPh.D.
2004Chen, Kejing Light Scattering Study on the Polymerization and Aggregation of Hemoglobin in High Concentration Phosphate BufferPh.D.
2004Czerw, Richard Nano-Composite Organic DevicesPh.D.
2004Lockamy, Virginia L. The Search for the Mechanism of Nitric Oxide Release in Hydroxyurea TherapyPh.D.
2004Singleton, Chanté L. Radiation Surface Dose with the DignicapTM Hypothermic Cap during Whole-Brain Radiation TreatmentM.S.
2004Xiong, Gang Toward a New Diode Laser: ZNO Photoluminescence and P-Type Doping, Theory of Giant Oscillator StrengthPh.D.
2004Xu, Xiuli Study of the Effects of Nitric Oxide on Sickle Cell DiseasePh.D.
2003Groves, Peter Bernard Method to Compute the Stress-Energy Tensor of a Spin ½ Field in a Static Spherically Symmetric SpacetimePh.D.
2003Hill, David B. Changes in the Number of Molecular Motors Driving Vesicle Transport in PC12Ph.D.
2003Webster, Scott M. Optical Properties of Nanostructured MaterialsPh.D.
2003Wilkinson, John H. IVPicosecond Time-Resolved Photoluminescence of Zinc Oxide Single Crystals, Films and NanoparticlesPh.D.
2002Aroutiounian, Svetlana Mechanisms and Kinetics of Melting of HBS Aggregates Studies in High Concentration Phosphate BufferPh.D.
2002Ballard, Adam C. Absolute Measurement of The Polarizability of C60 Clusters in the Gas PhasePh.D.
2002Dunning, Rodney B. Ab Initio Modeling of the F-Center in Light Alkali-HalidesPh.D.
2002Huang, Zhi (James) Effect of No On Deformability of Sickle ErythrocytesPh.D.
2002Kourmanov, Bakhitjan Light Torque Induced by a Linearly Polarized Laser Beam in an Optical TrapM.S.
2001Huang, Zhi Hydroxyurea Affects the Deformability of Sickle Erythrocytes in VitroM.S.
2000Grow, Kerry L. Evaluation of Emission Tuned-Aperture Computed TomographyM.S.
1999Bergquist, Kyle J. A Characterization of Radicals in hard KeratinM.S.
1999Binkley, Mathew Zero Temperature Black Holes in Semiclassical GravityM.S.
1999Brockway, Jack Wolston IIIAstrophysical Limits on Additional U(1) Gauge CouplingsPh.D.
1999Charnock, Forrest Taylor Dynamics of Dipolar Defects in Rare Earth Doped Alkaline-Earth Fluoride CrystalsPh.D.
1999Graham, Andrew J. Nucleation Rates for One-Dimensional Stochastic Systems with Asymmetric Quartic Potentials, Brownian Noise and DampingPh.D.
1999Hinson, William Howell Dose Calculations of Photon Beams Using a Finite-Size Pencil Beam ModelPh.D.
1999Yochum, Henry M. IIIPicosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of the Oxide Crystals LiNbO3, KNbO3, KTiOPO4, CdWO4, PbWO4, and Sc2O3Ph.D.
1998Hatcher, Ryan M. An Order N Generalized Gradient Approximation to the Exchange-Correlation Potential in Density Functional TheoryM.S.
1998Lopresti, Janice L. Picosecond and Subpicosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Laser-Excited ZnTe, ZnSe, GaN and GaPPh.D.
1998Tackett, Alan Spacial Implementation of the Projector Augmented Wave Method for Electron Structure CalculationsPh.D.
1997Harder, Scott Vance Sub-Micrometer Studies of Optical and Positioning Elements for an Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Confocal MicroscopeM.S.
1997Thoma, Eben D. Subpicosecond Time-Resolved Absorption Spectroscopy of Alkali Halide CrystalsPh.D.
1997Zeng, Yueping Computer Simulations of Crystal Structures using Density Functional TheoryPh.D.
1996Cosentine, Louis Arthur Production and Annihilation of Surface Radicals in Cleaved KeratinM.S.
1996Himes, Charles W. Laser Driven Metallic Bonding of Thin FilmsM.S.
1996Thoma, Rebecca K. Reed Laser Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Defect States in GaP(110) and KIPh.D.
1995Burleigh, Brian G. A Search for Anomalous Radiation in Deuterium-Loaded PalladiumM.S.
1995Parks, Christine C. Observation of Water Adsorption on BaF2 (111) and CaF2 (111) using Atomic Force MicroscopyM.S.
1995Pu, Xiao Pulsed Electron Gun for Time-Resolved SpectroscopyM.S.
1995Williams, D. J. Spacetime Geometry of the Kerr MetricM.S.
1995Wilson, R. Mark Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Radiation Damage on Ionic Crystal SurfacesPh.D.
1994Liu, Hanli Picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of self-trapped excitons and defect formation in ionic insulatorsPh.D.
1994Wu, Anqi Deposition of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Films on Metallic and Nonmetallic Substrates by Laser AblationPh.D.
1993Dillon, Alan An ESR Study of Irradiated Keratin ProteinsM.S.
1993Hutson, M. Shane Molecular Weight Dependence of DNA Motion During 120° Pulsed Field Gel ElectrophoresisM.S.
1993Neitzey, Lynn M. The Angle Dependence of DNA Velocity During Pulsed Field Gel ElectrophoresisM.S.
1993Sabanayagam, Chandran R. A Quantitative Analysis on the Dynamics of Deoxyribonucleic Acid During Field Inversion Gel ElectrophoresisM.S.
1992Eggleston, Thomas Wesley An ESR Study of the Phase Transition in Calcium Cadmium Acetate HexahydrateM.S.
1991Keiner, Louis Edward The Velocity and Relaxation of DNA During Gel ElectrophoresisM.S.
1991Platt, Kevin J. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Lattice Dynamical Model with Three-Fold Symmetry in the On-Site PotentialM.S.
1991Rave, Matthew J. Mean-Field Theory of Phase Transitions for a Lattice with an Asymmetric On-Site PotentialM.S.
1991Rowe, Mark W. Picosecond Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Si(111) 7x7, Si(111):B√3x√3 R30°, Si(100) 2x1, and Si(111) 1x1M.S.
1990Kleman, Todd George ESR Studies of Cu2+ Concentration Dependent Phase Transitions in Cadmium Calcium Acetate HexahydrateM.S.
1990Liu, Hanli Heating of Materials by Laser Pulses—Thermal Calculations and Picosecond Photoelectron SpectroscopyM.S.
1989Shattuck, Mark David The Kinetics and Diffusion of Radicals in X-Irradiated L-α-Amino-n-Butyric Acid Hydrochloride with L-Cysteine Hydrochloride as ImpurityM.S.
1989Whitcomb, Richard Whitney The Velocity and Orientation of Linear DNA during Pulsed Field Gel ElectrophoresisM.S.
1988Yi, Ma The Mechanisms of Free Radical Reactions in Irradiated L-α-Amino-n-Butyric Acid HCL Plus L-Cysteine HCLM.S.
1987Durham, Mark Allen ITC: A Computer Model Defect-Defect Interactions in Gadolinium Doped Calcium FluorideM.S.
1987Wilson, R. Mark Photoemission Studies of GaAs using Synchrotron and Laser RadiationM.S.
1987Wortman, Deborah A. The Effect of Defect Interactions on Ionic Thermocurrent Peak WidthsM.S.
1986 Itoh, MasahiroDecay and Diffusion of Radicals in L-α-Amino-n-Butyric Acid HCLM.S.
1986Gardner, Jeffrey Ray A Solution to the Inverse Atomic Pseudopotential ProblemM.S.
1985Reid, Scott Warner An ESR Study of the Effects of Ionizing Irradiation on DL-Aspartic AcidM.S.
1984Beaver, Guy M., IIIThe Diffusion Mechanism of Silver Ions in Alpha Silver Iodide and Its Effect on Quasielastic Neutron ScatteringM.S.
1984James, Lawrence Hoy Defect Aggregation in Rare Earth Doped Calcium FlourideM.S.
1984Loggins, Amanda Joy The Application of Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy to Difficult Systems: Theoretical and Experimental ConsiderationsM.S.
1983Dishman, Michael Ray Defect Aggregation in Rare-Earth Doped Calcium FluorideM.S.
1983McHugh, Martin James Charge Emission Kinetics of the Gallium Vacancy in Gallium PhosphideM.S.
1983Williams, Mark B. Symmetry Properties of the Strange Attractor for the Damped, Driven PendulumM.S.
1982 Lofton, William F., Jr.An Investigation of the Properties of Spherically Symmetric Space-TimeM.S.
1982Atherton, James V. Spectral Analysis of Ultrasound Reflected from ArteriesM.S.
1982Carter, Pamela Lynn Dependence of Defect Relaxation Kinetics on Lanthanide Dopant Ion SizeM.S.
1978Arcilla, Maria Felicidad G. Detection of Cavitation by Sound ScatteringM.S.
1978Love, L. Alan Intracellular Temperature Distribution Produced by UltrasoundM.A.
1977Hull, Roger A. Vacancy Pair Formation in Quenched RbC1M.A.
1976Bartolome, Maria Lourdes P. Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Structural Phase TransitionsM.A.
1976Murray, Frank C. Stress Relaxation in Magnesium OxideM.A.
1975Mast, David Baird Electron Nuclear Double Resonance Investigations in N-Acetylglycine, DL-Serine and HydroxyureaM.A.
1975Tomyn, J. Sseton N. Reorientation Kinetics of the Impurity Dipole in CaF2:Y+3M.A.
1974 Jordan, William Marcellus IIIIrradiation Damage to Aspartic AcidM.A.
1974Nielsen, Charles H. The Internal Friction of Lead Doped with Noble MetalsM.A.
1973 Spell, Charles R., Jr.Thermal Release of Electric Charges in –Irradiated Amino AcidsM.A.
1973Mullis, Dean R. A Dielectric Loss and Ionic Thermocurrents Study of Dipolar Defect in Pure RbC1 and RbC1: Sr2+M.A.
1972 Murphy, Cornelius J. IIIA Study of the V- Band and the Deformation Induced 306NM Band in Single Crystal Magnesium OxideM.A.
1971Hambrick, Larry N. Tachyon Model of the Stress TensorM.A.
1971Painter, Sankey R. An Interal Friction Study of Interstitial Diffusion in LeadM.A.
1970Marsh, William Martin Coloration in X-Irradiated Single Crystals of Some Organic CompoundsM.A.
1970Morton, James W. Dielectric Loss Study of the Kinetics of Dipole Migration in Strontium-Doped Rubidium Chloride Induced by Quenching and DeformationM.A.
1969Reed, William C. Space Charge Layers and Photoconductivity in Colored Potassium Chloride CrystalsM.A.
1969Wilkinson, Wyndham L. Pre-Exponential Factors for Diffusion of Oxygen in ZnO Crystals in Equilibrium with a Gas AtmosphereM.A.
1968 Everett, James H., Jr.A Resistivity Study of the Kinetics of Short-Range-Order and Vacancy Annihilation in Quenched Gold-Silver AlloysM.A.
1968Bailey, Robert B. , Jr.Dielectric Losses in Pure and Strontium-Doped Rubidium ChlorideM.A.
1968Cheves, Keywood Carnell , Jr.Hindered Rotation of the Methyl Group in Organic SolidsM.A.
1968Moore, Wayne General Relativity : A Two Dimensional ApproachM.A.
1968Richards, Thomas J. Trapping and Release of Electrons by F Centers in Potassium ChlorideM.A.
1968Sanders, Richard C. Dislocation Interstitial Interactions in Single Crystal TantalumM.A.
1968Thomas, K. N. Polarization of Luminescence of M Centers in Sodium FluorideM.A.
1967Bennett, Charles Howard Electron Spin Resonance Study of Free Radicals Formed by Ionizing Radiation in Single Crystals of ThioureaM.A.
1967DeLaigle, Johnny Dean An Electron Spin Resonance Study of the Free Radicals Formed by Ionizing Radiation in Single Crystals of ValineM.A.
1967Harris, E. Franklin The Trapping and Release of Electrons by Color Centers in Potassium ChlorideM.A.
1967Oh, Yaw T. Symmetry and ConservationM.A.
1966Dozier, Charles M. An Internal Friction Study of Atomic Mobilities in Alpha-Phase Silver-Cadmium AlloysM.A.
1966Plitnik, George R. The Configuration Coordinate Curves for the M Center in Alkali FluoridesM.A.
1965 Klein, Bert Jack, Jr.Annealing Kinetics of Quenched Defects in AU-AG Alloys by Resistivity TechniquesM.A.
1965Entemann, Carl W. Gravitation and Curved Space-TimeM.A.
1965Hazelton, George L. Electrical Conductivity in Organic SolidsM.A.
1965Watts, J. Fred Radiation DampingM.A.
1964Gerlach, John P. Internal Friction in Ionic Single CrystalsM.A.
1963Thornton, James Ronald An Investigation of the Formation and Migration of Vacancies in an 88% AU-AG Alloy by Resistance MeasurementsM.A.