October 2023

In 2018 we implemented a new alumni award.  The award is given to a Physics Department alumnus for exceptional achievements and/or service. The award is not limited to physics but covers all areas that our alumni excel in.  This year the award is going to Jacob Kline. 

Jacob Kline received his Bachelor’s degree in 2001.  He had a triple major in Physics, Mathematics, and Political Science.  He won the Speas Award in Physics, the Jack Fleer award in Political Science, and an award for the top graduate in Mathematics.  After spending some time at Harvard University, he worked at Bridgewater Associates in various positions for over eleven years and then started his own company, Dark Forest Technologies, where he is the CEO/CIO, directing the management of over a half billion dollars in investment funds spread over three private pooled investment vehicles. 

If you can think of someone to nominate for next year, please send a letter to the Department Chair, Daniel Kim-Shapiro or email (shapiro@wfu.edu) describing why that person is a good candidate for this award. Please send nominations by 12/1/2023. Note that the award will have a modest monetary component.

Alumni News

Bharat Gummadi, class of 1998, says, “I am an interventional cardiologist in Jacksonville FL. Have been in Jacksonville for the last 20 years. I still enjoy coming back to North Carolina to visit friends and come watch football games with friends and family.”

Zach Scofield, class of 2022, says, “I am a member of the Yonsei Observable Universe Group, which is led by Professor M. James Jee. I currently study weak-gravitational lensing using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), with my recent work being focused on JWST NIRCam point spread function modeling. I look forward to returning to the United States this winter for a short vacation and to present at the American Astronomical Society meeting in New Orleans.”

And many other alumni have told us their news. Just go to our Alumni Profile page. Please visit this page to see how people are doing. If you would like to submit your own profile and photo, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!