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Keith Bonin is named Richard T. Williams Faculty Chair in Physics
This endowed chair position is designated to go to an excellent faculty member who is engaged in interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and student mentorship. Congratulations, Dr. Bonin! 🎉
Join us to celebrate our graduates. May 19, 2024 from 3:30-5:00 pm in the Olin lobby.
Join us this Thursday, 3/21 in welcoming back WFU Physics Alumni Dr. Ryan Melvin. He is a Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Heersink School of Medicine, at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. His talk will be titled "Adventures in Time Series Analysis". 

This seminar, tailored for physicists, embarks on an explorative journey into time series analysis, demonstrating its impact across finance, healthcare, and artificial intelligence. We begin in the financial world, where time series models are key in forecasting. Here, physicists' familiarity with exponential smoothing and Brownian motion provides a unique lens to understand these financial tools.
Shifting to healthcare, we encounter the physics of blood flow in cerebral autoregulation (the body’s dynamic ability to maintain proper oxygenation for the brain). Here we examine how time series analysis is crucial for optimized blood pressure management during cardiovascular surgery and intensive care stays. 
Next, treating text as sequential data, we examine generative AI. We'll explore how time series analysis is employed in the realm of AI, specifically in natural language processing, demonstrating its relevance beyond traditional numerical data. The seminar will conclude with a demo of several custom generative AI tools currently used in clinical research and administration. 
Designed for physicists, this session highlights the interdisciplinary applications of time series analysis, revealing its ubiquitous role in diverse fields from economic predictions to medical technology and AI innovations.

**Dr. Melvin will also be doing a career event from 12pm to 1:30pm in the Olin Lobby. Feel free to join us and grab some pizza!
Congratulations Dr. Lindsey Gray, who on Friday successfully defended her thesis “Synergistic Solar Energy Harvesting Solutions”!