Physics Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2024

Previous and Future Colloquia

All colloquia will be held at 4 PM in Olin 101 (unless noted otherwise). Refreshments will be served at 3:30 PM in Olin Lobby prior to each seminar. For additional information contact

Thurs. Jan. 18, 2024Dr. Alejandro Cárdenas Avendaño, Princeton U, “A Panoptic Study of Strong Gravitational Phenomena”, host: D. Kim-Shapiro

Thurs. Jan. 25, 2024Dr. Jiang-Xiazi Lin, Brown University, “Exploring Emergent Quantum Phases in Two-Dimensional Flat Band Systems”, (host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Feb. 1, 2024Dr. Emilie Huffman, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics,”Principles for Modeling Physically-Relevant Quantum Systems of Many Particles with Computers”, (host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Feb. 8, 2024Dr. Samantha Barrick, Washington University, “Molecular mechanisms of mechanotransduction at cell junctions and altered contractility in cardiomyopathy” (host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Feb. 22, 2024Dr Burak Guzelturk, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, “Light-induced Structural Responses in Matter” (host: A. Kandada)

Fri. Feb. 23, 2024 in ZSR 404 —  Ph.D. Defense —  Lindsey Gray, Physics Graduate Student, “Synergistic Solar Energy Harvesting Solutions”, (advisor: D.Carroll)

Thurs. Feb. 29, 2024Prof. John Ballato, Clemson University, “Mother Nature and the unexpected materials science of advanced optical fiber lasers and amplifiers” (host: D. Carroll)

Thurs. Mar. 7, 2024Prof. Rob Maher, Montana State University, “Audio Forensic Analysis of Gunshot Sounds” (host: J. Dostal)

Thurs. Mar. 14, 2024 — Spring break

Thurs. Mar. 21, 2024 —  Prof. Ryan Melvin, University of Alabama, Birmingham, “Adventures in Time Series Analysis” (host: F. Salsbury)

Thurs. Mar. 28, 2024Dr. Ronit Freeman, UNC Chapel Hill, “Cell-Inspired Design of BioInteractive Materials” (host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Apr. 4, 2024 Margaret Daly, UNC Chapel Hill, “Design of Peptide-DNA Architectures to Build Functional Artificial Cells” (host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Apr. 11, 2024Dr. Hagen Klauk, Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart (Germany), “High-Frequency Flexible Organic Thin-Film Transistors” (host: O. Jurchescu)

Thurs. Apr. 11, 2024 in ZSR 404 Ph.D. Defense — Laxman Poudel, Physics Graduate Student, “Unveiling the Interplay of Nitric Oxide Signaling and Physiological Thiols; Novel Insights” (Advisor: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Apr. 18, 2024Part I of undergraduate honors presentations including Matthew Barnes, Josiah Brinson, and Jarlem López Morel. 

Thurs. Apr. 25, 2024Honors and awards