Meet Scott Smyre, Wake Forest University class of 2016. Scott continued on at Wake and is now a fourth year PhD student in the neuroscience program. In this interview, Scott shares with Professor Macosko his experiences with undergraduate research and provides advice to any prospective and current students regarding their future education and career.

Prof. Macosko: What are you doing now career wise?

Scott: I am a 4th year PhD student in the Wake Forest Neuroscience program and will be graduating this spring. I am studying how the ability to integrate information across the senses is shaped by experience and how sensory training paradigms can be used to correct multisensory processing defects resulting from anomalous development.

Prof. Macosko: What did you do right out of Wake Forest?

Scott: I stayed at Wake Forest working as a laboratory technician for Dr. Macosko’s. I worked for a year and then applied to the Master’s in Biomedical Sciences post-baccalaureate program. The first class in this program was neuroanatomy and that class sparked an interest in pursuing a PhD in neuroscience.

Prof. Macosko: Is there anything you would like to share with prospective or current students?

Scott: Try to get out into the community to help those that are less fortunate. Spending a little time out of the week can make a huge impact on the next generation of scientists. Finally, be open to adapting your plans to opportunities that you may come across and understand that these opportunities may lead you out of your comfort zone. 

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